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Eva Solo knife blocks

Keeping your knives in a knife block is good for two reasons – your knives are always close at hand, and they will stay sharp for longer. If knives are kept in a drawer, the cutting edges will come into contact with other knives, resulting in small irregularities that will make the knives increasingly blunt. If on the other hand you keep your knives in a stand, they are kept apart and the blades will therefore stay sharp for longer than if kept in a drawer.


If you want to keep anything other than knives in your knife block, you will find that the narrow slots of many knife blocks will not accommodate anything wider than a knife blade. In our angled knife block, the knives are separated by a flexible folding plastic insert which is perfect for holding knives, but also other utensils such as scissors, kitchen tweezers or a honing steel.


Knife blocks and stands need not be purely practical, but can also add a beautiful and decorative element to your kitchen. Take a look at our Nordic kitchen knife block for example, which is designed as a tree stump with a raw and elegant look. The slots for the knives go right through the stand, which prevents breadcrumbs etc. from collecting at the bottom.