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High-quality frying pans for everyday use

Budding chefs and seasoned cooks can share in the joy of cooking with our range of high-quality frying pans that strike the perfect balance between design and functionality. From sauté pans to grill pans in different finishes, you can find your best match and build your dream kitchen. Suitable for all cookers, including induction, our frying pans from Eva Solo and Eva Trio are the essential tool you will need for everyday use.

Cook every meal with ease and enthusiasm

From flipping pancakes and sizzling stir-fries to scrambling eggs, you can count on a frying pan to get the job done. Choose from our range of different sized pans, ranging from our patented Slip-Let®️ non-stick to traditional pans without coatings. Whether you are looking for a stainless steel frying pan or one with coating or copper on the outside, you can find comfortable, ergonomic steel and wood handles across our line.

No more sticking!

Eva Trio offers Slip-Let®️ non-stick frying pans in classic and ceramic materials that will lend a helping hand in cooking foods that tend to stick – such as omelette, fish, and pancakes. A non-stick frying pan can allow you to use a minimum of fat for oiling the surface and save you a lot of work cleaning up. Slip-Let® is the non-stick coating that is used on our pans, and it is a registered trademark of Eva Solo.

While non-stick coating has limited lifetime and can be vulnerable to high heats, choosing a pan with ceramic Slip-Let®️ coating can help you solve this problem. Our ceramic non-stick frying pans can withstand up to 400°C, making them excellent for cooking foods that require high temperatures, and are more durable that the traditional Slip-Let®️ non-stick coating, and will therefore have a longer lifetime. In normal use, our frying pan with Slip-Let®️ non-stick coating has an expected service life of approximately four years before it wears out.

Total heat control with Eva Trio

Be in absolute control of the temperature when you cook. For dishes that require precision in every way, choose the Eva Trio frying pan with Induction Heat Control. As the name implies, it makes it easier for to control the heat on induction cookers.

The special steel alloy of the frying pan bottom ensures that it does not reach temperatures exceeding 230°C. Armed with an Induction Heat Control frying pan, you can wave goodbye to burnt food and retain that Slip-Let®️ non-stick coating for longer.

Build your dream kitchen with our range of utensils

Our frying pans come in Slip-Let®️ non-stick and traditional styles, and they make cooking effortless again. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just want to put the fun back into mid-week cooking, our pans are exactly what you need. If you have any questions, you can contact our Customer Service. And why stop at pans? Build your dream kitchen with pots, woks, and cookware sets.