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Tea makers

A cup of freshly brewed tea is a treat for many. A breakfast without a cuppa is almost unthinkable, and a nice cup of tea is great with an afternoon snack too, especially when it’s chilly outside.

The smart, innovative design of Eva Solo’s drip-free, thermal tea makers makes brewing and serving easy and hassle-free. It’s got the classic, clean lines of Scandinavian design, so it’ll fit into any environment or context.


100% devotion to tea and how it’s brewed is at the heart of Eva Solo’s tea makers. Everything is well thought out. The design is elegant, practical and ergonomic. The brewing function ensures quick brewing, without compromising on the full-bodied flavour of the tea. If you love tea and regard brewing and savouring it as something of a ritual, Eva Solo’s tea makers are just the thing for you.

Eva Solo classic tea makers have a wide base and slender neck, so you can leave your tea to infuse for however long or short a time you like. No matter how you choose to brew your tea, you’re guaranteed not to get tea leaves in your cup. An insert and filter ensure the tealeaves remain in the pot. The large opening makes it easy and safe to pour in the boiling water. The neoprene cover that encloses the glass flask has a zip fastener, so it’s easy to add or remove.


Like our coffee makers and vacuum jugs, all Eva Solo tea makers are 100% drip free. This makes spills and unsightly stains on the table or table cloth a thing of the past. The tea makers have a flip-top lid that opens automatically when you angle the tea maker downwards for pouring. When you stop pouring, it closes automatically. The wide rim is another detail that makes pouring easier. In short, there’s no risk of mishaps when it’s time to serve your tea.


The neoprene bottom of the Eva Solo tea maker keeps the tea hot for a long time. To keep it hot even longer, or for excursions, you can add a thermos teapot. The glass or stainless steel body of the teapot is your guarantee of a hot cup of tea even after many hours of travelling or on an excursion. Eva Solo thermos jugs are available in many designs, ranging from the characteristic model with a narrow neck to the nearly round Globe model.
See also the Eva Solo stoneware teapot. This model has a black silicone spout for spillage-free pouring. The design of the jug is rustic and solid. The range also includes a glass teapot with integrated tea strainer. This model brews your tea just like when you use a tea strainer directly in the cup.


The Eva Solo range of products for coffee and tea includes cups and mugs of various sizes. Tea lovers can supplement the tea maker with 360 ml tea mugs. These are available in lots of cool colours, and have the characteristic Eva Solo silicone covering, which gives you a good grip and prevents you from burning your hands. Whether you prefer tea or coffee, it’s hard not to fall in love with this beautiful, practical design.