Spring 2024


Welcome to spring – the season that awakens nature, promising new beginnings. In our latest collection, we embrace this renewal, this fresh start. Each new arrival ushers in the surging energy of springtime.

Liquid lounge

Great cocktails need to be tasty, chilled, and most importantly, mixed with the right bar equipment. Upgrade to an elegant home bar with our professional equipment in a beautiful design and high quality - you're sure to impress your guests. 


Interest in home interiors and interior design is greater than ever before. Our latest 'Living' extensions enhance and beautify home environments in a practical and functional way that is in complete harmony with contemporary living, style and needs.

Radiant LED

Nordic kitchen

with FSC®️ certified bamboo

Scandinavian design is just better - simple, functional, and minimalistic. Nordic Kitchen proudly carries on the traditional design language and mindset but spices it up with the latest trends in materials and recyclability.

Green tools

With Green tools, you can create a consistent, modern look with highly functional kitchen utensils. No more red spatula next to a blue whisk; a great opportunity to create a homogeneous look in the sometimes incoherent kitchen tool department.

Legio nova

The popular Legio Nova tableware offers timeless design and classic white porcelain of the highest quality. Both the porcelain and glaze are made to be used and can withstand all heat sources. Place the dish directly on the grill, warm the plate in the oven or cool the bowl in the freezer.

To Go

More than one million single-use plastic bottles are sold every minute. Our reusable water and thermobottles not only help you maintain good, healthy hydration, they also save you from thirstquenching impulse purchases and reduce your need for use-and-throw-away packaging.



This summery green-yellow hue represents the fresh sprouts of summer and everything new emerging from the earth. The color is positive, bringing freshness and light. Throughout the summer, this hue is recognized in nature - gooseberries, unripe apples, young shoots, and summer flowers.



A light brown with a hint of gray. A beautiful, modern neutral that complements a wide range of colors and appeals to a broad audience. The color resembles cafe au lait, light earth, and has a nutty tone. It's a great choice in an era focused on nature, sustainability, and mindfulness.