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Sauté pan – the ideal combination

A sauté pan is a cross between a saucepan and a frying pan – a frying pan with extra-high sides. That’s why a sauté pan makes it easy to stir the food thoroughly while you fry it, just like in a saucepan. It is precisely this function that is behind the name of the pan. Sauter means to jump or dance in French, which is what you can let the food do without spilling over the side.

The large frying surface, which is similar to an ordinary frying pan, allows you to brown large pieces of meat and vegetables. At the same time, because of the high edges, you can add plenty of stock, wine or other liquids to your dish. The diameter of the Eva Trio sauté pans matches the sizes of the other pots. So if you already have a 24-cm lid, you can use it on your new Eva Trio sauté pan as well. Remember that lids are sold separately.


The Eva Trio sauté pans are available with and without non-stick coating. The coating makes it possible to fry with little or no oil while still preventing the food from burning onto the pan. It also makes it easier to clean the pan after use. You can choose from different ranges, all of which have their particular advantages. The sturdy stainless steel pan is suitable for everyday use, as it is robust and easy to work with. The elegant copper pan, with its sublime heat-conductive and regulatory properties, is ideal for slightly more adventurous culinary experiments. The rustic, ‘old-faithful’ cast-iron sauté pan can withstand temperatures all the way up to 400°C while retaining the heat well for an extended period. This makes it ideal for simmering and bread-making.

Sauté pans by Eva Trio and Eva Solo are ideal kitchen tools. You can bring together several steps from the recipe into one piece of cookware – for frying, sautéing and stewing. Only your imagination sets the limit for what you can do with a sauté pan. Read more on this page about serving spoons and spatulas  to complement your new sauté pan.