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For many Danes, the Eva Solo and Eva Trio saucepans are the epitome of how a saucepan should look. The variety of saucepans in different sizes, materials and designs means you can always find the perfect saucepan for the task at hand – whether it’s cooking an egg or creating the perfect sauce for your meal. All Eva Solo and Eva Trio saucepans can be used on all heat sources – including induction hobs.

Saucepans are great for lots of different cooking purposes. It’s precisely their versatility that makes them almost indispensable – plus they’re the most economical solution for heating small quantities.


A saucepan can be used at any time of day, from the early morning when you can quickly make a good old-fashioned bowl of porridge. It’s a healthier alternative to many other breakfast products and richer in fibre. So give your stomach something to work with right from the morning. Just pour one part oats and two parts water into the saucepan, warm it up while stirring regularly, and season with salt. It’s almost as quick as pouring cornflakes from the bag. Alternatively, you might prefer a soft-boiled egg for breakfast or need something to boil water in if you don’t have a kettle to hand. For lunch you can also quickly boil a couple of eggs to go with your food – perfect for sandwiches.

If you want to bake, the saucepan is also great for warming up milk and dissolving the yeast when the milk is the right temperature. It’s easy, fast and convenient.

Finally, we come to dinner. Here the saucepan’s versatility really comes into its own. You can use it for everything from making a sauce to cooking your whole meal if you’re eating alone. And between meals you can use it for anything you think up – in any saucepan size.


The classic saucepan in stainless steel can be used for just about anything. The material quickly and efficiently conducts heat to what you’ve put in the pan and also makes it easy to clean after use. It’s also dishwasher-safe if you don’t fancy washing up.
The cast-iron saucepan retains heat extra well. This makes it well suited for dishes that need to simmer for a while or dishes that need steady and stable heat.

The copper saucepan gives you full control of the heat: it heats up quickly and cools down quickly too when you take it off the hob. This makes it especially suitable for sauces and dishes where precise temperature control is important.


All Eva Solo and Eva Trio saucepans can be used on all heat sources – including induction hobs. This makes them a future-proof investment, since you can use them with any kind of oven.

So with Eva Trio and Eva Solo saucepans you’ll always have the right solution – and that’s how it’s been for generations.