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Eva Solo tumblers for the table

The Eva Solo tumbler is a classic part of your table setting – whether for everyday use or a special occasion. If you want your tumblers to complement any table setting, from rustic to elegant, the Eva Solo tumbler is a good choice. The assortment includes a number of glassware ranges, each with its own features and attributes. The Eva Solo and Eva Trio tumblers offer countless possibilities for serving – from refreshing iced water to steaming hot coffee.


The Eva Solo classic tumbler is made of tempered glass, which is far stronger than ordinary glass. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than other glass. However, if an accident should happen and the glass breaks, the tempered glass will crumble into small, harmless pieces – unlike ordinary glass, which breaks into shards.

The advantage of choosing Eva Solo tempered glass tumblers is that this range can tolerate high or low temperatures and is not nearly as sensitive to high temperatures as other, non-tempered glass. Our range of tumblers and faceted glassware can thus be used for liquids as hot as 130°C°, giving you lots of options. If you choose Eva Solo glasses made of tempered glass, you can serve cold soft drinks, hot coffee or cocoa on the table without having to consider different cups, mugs or glasses when setting the table. You can even serve muesli at the brunch table or an ice cream dessert at a party without worrying about whether the glass can withstand the spoon’s hard surface and sharp edge. Your imagination is the only limit! The various glass ranges are available as both small and large tumblers.

On this page you can also find everything your heart desires when it comes to table settings – you’ll find all sorts of things, from plates and cutlery to serving accessories. Here you will find everything for the dinner table.


In addition to being very practical, each Eva Solo glassware range has its own distinguishing features to add style and character to your table. The elegant glass with light-reflecting facets will complement any table setting. Use it daily with the rest of your everyday dinnerware, or set the table with these beautiful glasses for birthdays and other special occasions. Remember, this stylish tumbler glass is made of tempered glass so it can withstand both cold and hot beverages. Designed for a wide range of uses, the glass is equally suitable for serving water, coffee, juice, tea or smoothies. If you’re planning a meal that includes a whisky and soda or a long drink, this glass will do a great job for that, too. The beautiful facets make serving a colourful cocktail even more beautiful. Looking specifically for a drinks glass? This page has everything from schnapps glasses to Martini glasses.

Have you, too, fallen for the iconic sloping edge of Eva Solo wine glasses? Complete your collection with our tumbler, which has the same elegant, angled drinking rim. Combine these slanted edges to create a stylish, clean and contemporary look for your table settings. Take a look at the beautiful Eva Solo wine glasses and find your favourite.