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Aesthetic cutting boards

A cutting board serves different functions, from chopping ingredients to serving tapas and charcuterie. At Eva Solo, we have a range of cutting boards made from wood, bamboo, and plastic that can take you from kitchen to table with a sense of refined simplicity. Wash and dry the boards with ease, and find added value features such as foldability, dishwasher compatibility, and the inclusion of anti-slip pads for the optimal cooking experience.

Safe and hygienic cutting boards

There is nothing more important than maintaining a high standard of safety and hygiene when you are preparing a meal. Keep raw ingredients separate with our dishwasher-safe cutting board set, which comprises three boards that sit in an elegant holder. The boards come in three different shades of grey, allowing you to designate different hues for different uses – for raw meat, for vegetables, and for cooked food. With a narrow gap between the boards, they can dry completely after being washed. Some of our boards also come with anti-slip silicone pads.

A high-quality cutting board for every need

Whether you are preparing a light meal or planning an elaborate dinner, a high-quality cutting board will be a trusted companion in and out of the kitchen. We offer wooden and bamboo cutting boards with juice grooves to keep your countertop clean. For joyous gatherings, our rounded and rectangular cutting boards with handles can be used as serving boards for cheeses, meats, and tapas.

Designs inspired by Nordic kitchens

As a Danish brand, we often draw inspiration from Nordic interior design. Our wooden chopping boards are cut from oak. Each one is unique, creating a raw and rustic feel that Scandinavians love. The rounded corners and sides of the boards also create harmony, and each cutting board with a handle comes with a leather strap so they can be hung up when not in use, allowing them to dry faster and better.

How to care for our cutting boards

A well-made cutting board is an investment that can be used for several years. You can care for your Eva Solo cutting board by washing them on both sides with hot water and washing-up liquid, drying them with a tea towel, and allowing them to dry completely by standing upright or hung up. It is also a good idea to oil them every so often, to make them last longer. Our plastic cutting boards are also dishwasher safe.

Be inspired by our range of kitchen utensils

Enjoy cooking and hosting like a pro with our range of cutting boards made from wood and plastic. If you would like to complete your collection, check out our range of high-quality kitchen knives and accessories including peelers, slicers, and presses.