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Eva Solo cutting boards

A cutting board is not just a cutting board. It has many different uses, so its appearance and design are not unimportant. Eva Solo cutting boards can be used for preparing meat and vegetables, but also for serving tapas, cheeses and sausages.


The main task of a cutting board is to help maintain a high standard of hygiene and prevent bacteria from developing. It is therefore important to keep raw ingredients separate when working in the kitchen. This is much easier with an Eva Solo cutting board set, which comprises three boards. The cutting boards sit in a holder, each in a different shade of grey, which means that you can designate one for each purpose: one for raw meat etc., one for vegetables, and one for cooked food. The three cutting boards sit elegantly in a holder with a narrow gap between them so they can dry completely after being washed.


For a rustic look, the Nordic kitchen cutting boards are cut from oak, which means that each board is unique. The look is a raw and rustic, and with their rounded corners and sides, the boards are comfortable to use. To complete the rustic, natural look, the cutting boards have a leather strap so they can be hung up when not in use. Hanging up the cutting boards after they have been washed also ensures that they dry better.


Wood cutting boards must be washed on both sides using hot water and washing-up liquid, dried with a tea towel and stood upright or hung up so they can dry completely on both sides. It is also a good idea to oil them every so often as this will make them last longer. Plastic cutting boards can be placed in the dishwasher.