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A pot for every dish

Each pot for its proper job. Eva Trio cookware offers lots of possibilities, as each material has its own characteristics and advantages. Here you will find an overview of the different pot ranges and choice of materials to help you find the pot that fits perfectly into your culinary universe. An Eva Trio pot is not just a pot. Each range is made with an eye for the small details, quality materials and good, functional solutions. The materials each have their own properties, so it’s important to consider the type of pot that’s right for you. 

Stainless steel. A robust and hard-wearing material that also withstands high temperatures. 

Aluminium. A sensitive material that responds quickly to temperature changes. Provides even heat distribution, which ensures the heat is conducted up the sides from the bottom. 

Triple layer. The triple layer is a sandwich construction with an aluminium core surrounded by steel. A durable combination for optimised heat distribution. 

Cast iron. This enamelled material can be used at temperatures up to 400°C, so it’s very durable, and, impressively, retains the heat for a long time. 

Copper. A superb conductive material that responds quickly to temperature changes. Polished stainless steel on the inside and with an aluminium core. A trinity of outstanding materials. 

All our pots are suitable for use on all heat sources. That means you can use Eva Trio pots on induction rings too. 


The classic Eva Trio pots are made of stainless steel – a very durable and robust material. The steel pots can withstand high temperatures and are also resistant to food acids, making them easy to keep beautiful. In other words, Eva Trio’s steel pots are a good choice for daily use, which is why so many Danes choose to fill their cabinets with Eva Trio cookware. The Eva pot is a modern design classic, blending form and function. In other words, what you get is more than a very practical pot – it’s a piece of timeless design too.

Suggestions for dishes prepared in stainless steel pots: ragouts, soups, pastas, potatoes and vegetables. 


In addition to the steel pots, Eva Trio’s pot range also includes aluminium pots such as the Dura Line range. Dura Line pots are great for people who appreciate good heat distribution, quick response to temperature changes and, not least, an effective non-stick coating. The coating is an advantage when cooking food that may burn; at the same time, you don’t need to use large amounts of fat. The coating is PFOA-free, of course. The pot handles are made of stainless steel, so they remain cool during cooking.

Suggestions for dishes prepared in aluminium cookware: Porridge, omelettes, risottos and fish. 


The White Line range is for those who enjoy the sight of a beautiful white pot – which, moreover, remains white, even if the food contains strong colours. White Line pots are not just beautiful; they are also extremely durable and robust. The aluminium pots have a white ceramic coating inside and a stainless steel edge to protect the pot. This pot range is great, too, for cooking things with a tendency to burn on, such as porridge or fish. 


Nordic Kitchen pots can be used in the oven as well as on the hob. The pots – which come with their own lids – are easy to handle, as aluminium is a light material. Nordic Kitchen is ideal for making soups, boiling vegetables or braising meat. Nordic Kitchen is a new range by Eva Solo – see the whole range – which includes everything for the table, kitchen and cooker – here


You’ll find a combination of Eva Trio aluminium and stainless steel pots in the Multi Pot range. All of the pots in this range are made of a triple layer combination, with an aluminium core encased in stainless steel. The sandwich construction of sides and bottoms alike is durable and optimises heat distribution. The materials work together, so your pots are great for both boiling and frying. Eva Trio’s Multi pots are available with and without a non-stick coating. In addition, this sturdy pot is equipped with extra heavy steel handles that do not get too hot during cooking.

Suggestions for dishes prepared in triple-layer cookware: Casseroles, rice pudding, sauces, pasta, potatoes and vegetables. 


Are you of the old school, or do you just have a penchant for things that never go out of fashion? Eva Trio’s cast iron pots are the epitome of cookware that retains its quality, design and, above all, heat. The cast iron range is enamelled and withstands temperatures up to 400°C. As a result, the cookware comprises incredibly robust pots and pans that retain the heat for a long time and distribute it evenly. A cast iron Eva Trio pot is also a quality pan that’s easy to handle, as it is made of light-weight cast iron.

Suggestions for dishes prepared in cast-iron: Casseroles, simmer dishes, roasts (slow roasting) and baking bread. 


The copper pots are not just beautiful to look at, they have absolutely unique roasting and cooking properties that make them excellent for sauces and other delicate cooking. Eva Trio copper pots also have a sandwich structure for optimised heat conductivity and response time. An Eva Trio copper pot gives you full control over cooking, partly because copper responds quickly to temperature changes.

Suggestions for dishes prepared in copper cookware: Simmer dishes, sauces, soups, flambéing and sautéing.