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The Eva Solo vacuum jug – drip-free pouring

The vacuum jug’s function is simple: it has to keep its content warm. But despite their simple function, our vacuum jugs come in lots of different shapes, sizes and designs, so you’re sure to find one that will become an indispensable part of your kitchen and tableware. Eva Solo’s vacuum jugs meet your practical needs with style. Do you prefer the tall classic vacuum jug – or a rounder shape? Whatever your preference, Eva Solo’s range will have a jug to suit you.


Whether you’re a coffee lover or prefer tea, there’s an elegant and practical Eva Solo vacuum jug for you – and you can use it with or without a tea filter. What characterises Eva Solo’s vacuum jugs, and our products in general, is our strong focus on quality and function. If the thermos can’t keep the coffee or tee warm, it loses its value. That’s why Eva Solo’s vacuum jugs are equipped with either a glass insert or a stainless steel lining that keeps the content warm for a long time. If you’re on the go, choose a to-go tumbler that keeps your coffee or tea warm with its double-walled thermal design.

Eva Solo’s range includes several different types of vacuum jugs with various functions and features. The classic Eva Solo vacuum jug, with its wide base and sleek neck, has a sculptural design that has more to offer than just an elegant look. Its wide base makes it very stable, it’s easy to fill through the large opening at the top, and most importantly it’s 100% drip-free.

Are you also tired of thermoses that drip on the table and tablecloth, or the ugly dark lines that run down the thermos under the spout? The patented pouring collar on our vacuum jugs prevents these problems. That’s why you’ll find this same pouring collar on virtually all our vacuum jugs and some of our other products.


Do you appreciate stylish, hardy materials, or do you mainly have the aesthetic appearance in mind when you fill up your kitchen cabinets or set the table? Several of Eva Solo’s vacuum jugs are available in solid stainless steel, making them practically unbreakable and ensuring a long service life. At the same time, the stainless steel jug is easy to keep clean. It’s available in a variety of colours and shades of grey, both matte and shiny. The classic Eva Solo vacuum jug with the award-winning 100% drip-free pouring collar is also available in a shorter and wider version with an extra low and stable centre of gravity. Both jugs hold up to one litre.

In addition to the tall classic models, our range also includes vacuum jugs in a round model we call Globe. The Globe vacuum jug is equipped with a replaceable glass insert that ensures a long-lasting thermal effect. The pouring collar is 100% drip-free, earning it a natural place in the Eva Solo drip-free range.

If you like a table that’s set with a consistent style, you’ll probably appreciate the consistently sleek designs across our product range. For instance, if you’ve fallen for the dark burgundy vacuum jug, you can add mugs in the same colour. The same applies to the vacuum jug in the Nordic Kitchen range, which also includes a whole range of products in the same style.