Liquid lounge

- serving the moment

Great cocktails need to be tasty, chilled, and most importantly, mixed with the right bar equipment. Upgrade to an elegant home bar with our professional equipment in a beautiful design and high quality -you're sure to impress your guests.

Cocktail artist of the hour

Are you thirsting for the skills to create mock- or cocktails like a professional bartender – or to enjoy the spirited creativity of others? Liquid Lounge is a new collection of tools elevating your home bar efforts. With professional quality and functional aesthetics, Liquid Lounge are your essential tools assisting the dream of creating memorable moments and irresistible serving.

Liquid works of art

The elegant, understated collection is designed in stainless steel and walnut matching any interior style. Your liquid works of art pivot on the shaker, with indispensable tools such as the jigger and muddler ensuring perfectly balanced drinks bursting with flavours. The vacuum-insulated ice bucket will keep the ice crispy cold and your drinks delightfully chilled. 

The wine enthusiast may let out aroma and bouquet from the bottle with the help of a sommelier bottle opener or one with a practical handle.