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Self-watering pots

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Self-watering pots

With self-watering pots, you don't have to worry about your herbs and flowers drying out if you’re away or just forget to water them. An ingenious design provides an even water supply for extended periods, and all you have to do is replenish the tank once in a while.

Eva Solo self-watering pots feature stylish Scandinavian design. Not only do they work as practical irrigation pots to keep your plants healthy and happy, they are also elegant interior design objects in their own right.


It’s easy to forget to water houseplants. Many plants can survive for a long time without water, but others aren’t as durable. Using self-watering flowerpots reduces the risk of coming home to withered flowers, dry herbs and drooping foliage plants. All you have to remember to do is replenish the water reservoir in the pots at regular intervals. You also avoid spills, since there’s no need to use a watering can.

Eva Solo’s range of self-watering pots for various kinds of plants is available in a variety of sizes and colours. There is a frosted glass water container at the bottom, and the pot itself is made of ceramic or translucent glass. The smaller pots measure 9–11 centimetres in diameter and work very well for herbs in the kitchen or small, decorative foliage plants. The larger pots measure up to 15 cm in diameter; with their glass pots, they are specifically designed for orchids. These slightly more delicate flowers absorb sunlight via their roots, which is why the pot should be translucent.


Over-watering is just as common as forgetting to water plants. Too much water can cause the roots to start rotting. Eva Solo’s self-watering pots have an innovative irrigation system that makes the plants absorb the exact amount of water they need. This makes it impossible to over-water and ensures that your herbs and orchids get a steady supply. Giving orchids the right amount of water is actually quite an art. When you use self-watering pots, you don’t have to worry about your orchids getting too little or too much water.

To use the Eva Solo self-watering pots, you just need to fill the water reservoir and make sure that the nylon wick attached to the bottom of the pot reaches the water. The nylon wick helps the plant to draw up the right amount of water, as and when needed.


Our self-watering pots are an example of the breadth of design products that you can find at Eva Solo. See also our Aquastar brand watering cans for watering all kinds of houseplants and garden plants. These watering cans have a unique and very ergonomic shape. The clever, narrow-pouring spout allows for easy watering of even small plants with dense foliage.

The Eva Solo range also includes beautiful soap dispensers for the bathroom, as well as solar cell lamps, grills and braziers for the patio and garden. See also our nest box and bird feeder products. Our range of smart products for the home is constantly growing.