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Eva Solo cups

The cup is a big part of our everyday life. During the busy hours of the morning, we fill it with coffee to keep us awake. In the afternoon, your tea stays hot over a good long chat. The tea and coffee cup is an indispensable part of the kitchen; in fact it might be one of the things we use most often. However, with one by Eva Solo, you can expect a little extra from your tea and coffee set. With acclaimed ranges such as Legio Nova, Legio and Amfio, you get much more than a traditional cup.

There are many advantages to choosing thermo cups. With a double-walled mug, you get special high-quality porcelain, for instance. This material is quite durable and can easily withstand the dishwasher, the freezer, the oven and the microwave. This makes these products perfect for everyday use, though you won’t find anything run-of-the mill here.

The fact that the design process found inspiration in gastronomy is clearly expressed in the craftsmanship. Minimalist and sophisticated, these cups are sure to grace any stylish home. Whether you’ve invited family members to a big get-together, or you’re setting the world to rights over a cuppa with your best friend, the way you brew the coffee will definitely not be the only source of envy among your guests. The high-quality products of your Eva Solo set are bound to impress, too.

With us, you’ll find everything a coffee lover desires. For example, we have a large selection of coffee makers with a glass jug and built-in filter to keep the black drink fresh and hot before serving.


A great-tasting cuppa can be a source of joy, but the fascination of noticing a product’s impressive texture in your hand can be the main reason for choosing the same cup day after day. By closing your eyes, you can sense how the unique design virtually caresses your hands – without burning your fingers, naturally.

The Danes love coffee. So much so, in fact, that we’re among the top coffee-drinking countries in the world. If you have a hard day at work ahead of you or it’s a rainy overcast day, you probably know the feeling of how your favourite hot drink can lift your spirits. Besides being an essential part of the day, many people also see coffee as a part of everyday social life: everyone’s heard the phrase “Do you want to meet up for a coffee?”
Black or with milk? With or without a handle? Need a saucer? No matter how you like your coffee, we’ve got it all at Eva Solo. When it comes to handles, these days it’s a matter of taste. While some think a handle offers the best grip, others prefer to hold the cup itself. And the same goes for saucers. Some people think it’s unnecessary, and others think it’s the best way to protect the table from heat marks and stains.

Do you need inspiration for your coffee table? We carry everything from serving trays and creamers to pod dispensers and tea strainers. You’ll find it all if you click here.