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Frying pans with a ceramic non-stick coating offer the same advantages as the classic non-stick Slip-Let® frying pans: Food does not stick, you can cook using less fat than on pans without a non-stick coating, and the pans are much easier and faster to clean as food does not stick to the surface. In addition, the ceramic coating is extra strong, and less prone to scratching. It also withstands temperatures as high as 400°C, so for the perfect crust on your steaks, ceramic-coated frying pans are the right choice.

The ceramic coating is basically dishwasher-safe. However, as with all other frying pans with non-stick coatings, washing the frying pan in the dishwasher shortens the lifespan of the coating. We therefore always recommend that you wash your frying pans by hand, and then you will be able to enjoy using them for longer.

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