Eva Solo and Eva Trio frying pans are high-quality cookware with a focus on design and functionality. Here you can find a wide range of different frying pans, sauté pans and grill pans from Eva Trio and Eva Solo.

The pans are suitable for all cookers – including induction.


Several of our frying pans are available with a non-stick Slip-Let® coating on the inside. This prevents food from sticking, and allows you to use a minimum of fat when cooking. The non-stick coating also makes cleaning easier. Slip-Let® is a registered trademark of Eva Solo. Frying pans with similar coatings are available under trade names such as Teflon, SilverStone, Durit etc.


The best solution would be a frying pan which is as tough as glass and with excellent non-stick properties. However, this is not possible. Either the coating on the frying pan is very hard and durable with less-than-optimal non-stick properties. Or its non-stick properties are second to none, while the coating is relatively soft and not particularly durable. Eva Solo has decided to focus on optimising the non-stick finish. With normal use, a frying pan thus has an expected lifespan of approximately four years before the coating is worn out.


No more burnt food means the non-stick Slip-Let® coating will last longer. Welcome to the Eva Trio frying pan with Induction Heat Control! This new technology allows the heat to be controlled, and protects the coating on your frying pan from being burned off.

Induction Heat Control makes it easier to control the heat, but only when cooking on an induction cooker, as the name suggests. The frying pan’s special alloy steel base ensures that when the pan is used on an induction cooker and the base reaches a temperature of 230°C, the magnetic induction is switched off, and the pan gets no hotter. This has the advantage that the coating is not burned, and food does not stick.