Whipped butter

Easy, tasty and fluffy

Whipped butter

Whipped butter is a delectable delicacy to take any eats to new heights. This is a creamy, aerated variant of ordinary butter, whipped to a light and airy consistency. A wonderful way with butter, it results in irresistible texture and flavour, enhancing any dish it accompanies.

Whipping butter traps air bubbles inside it, making it expand for a light and full mouthfeel. The result is a soft, creamy consistency that melts on the tongue and imparts a rich and pleasing flavour. The airy texture also makes whipped butter super spreadable, adding a subtle creaminess to any slice of bread – try, for example, this tasty focaccia with potatoes, feta cheese and rosemary.

One of the advantages of whipped butter is that it can be adapted and flavoured with various ingredients, including herbs and spices. Try adding fresh herbs like parsley, basil or dill to give the butter a fresh, aromatic flavour. Alternatively, sprinkle in garlic or onion powder for a spicier variant. The options are almost endless, and you can experiment with various combos to create your own unique flavour.

Whipped butter is incredibly versatile and has many different culinary uses. Try serving it as a delicious spread for freshly-baked bread or a crispy slice of toast. It can also be served as a dreamy topping for grilled veggies or succulent steaks. Whipped butter adds a whole new dimension of taste and texture to any dish and is easy to customise to your preferred flavours.

Another reason why whipped butter is so appealing is that it melts fast to blend with other ingredients. When spread on hot vegetables or meat, the butter melts, enhancing the flavour of the dish. It can create a velvety, rich sauce to slip easily over the food, for delicious flavour. Whipped butter can truly enhance the humblest of meals for a gourmet experience.

In many ways, whipped butter is one of life’s affordable luxuries. The soft and creamy consistency, the rounded flavour and the versatile options for flavouring it, make it an indispensable ingredient for your meals. Whipped butter is a way of adding elegance and refinement to your dishes, and pampering your palate with a heavenly mouthfeel.

In sum, whipped butter is a simple but amazing way of enhancing any meal.


  • 250 g butter (unsalted)
  • 50 ml buttermilk/milk
  • 3 g salt
  • Optional mixed herbs or spices


  • Remove chilled butter from the fridge and leave it at room temperature for 30-50 minutes until soft (otherwise whipping the butter will be impossible).
  • Whip the soft butter at the highest speed for 5-7 minutes until aerated and creamy. Turn down to the very lowest whipping setting and slowly add the buttermilk to combine it with the butter. Once the two ingredients are completely blended, turn up to the max setting again for 5-7 minutes.
  • Add salt and any herbs or spices to taste while whipping at the low setting (ideally salts like Maldon or Fleur de Sel to add some texture to the butter).
  • Serve the butter with your favourite bread. I like plating it like a mini mountain peak on a serving dish, to remind me of Mount Fuji outside Tokyo.

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