Induction kettle - Nordic kitchen - 1 liter

Boil water rapidly by induction
100% drip-free
Streamlined, cordless design
Suitable for all heat sources
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Color Stainless Steel
Cleaning Cleaning • Allow the kettle to cool down before cleaning. • Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the kettle. Use washing-up liquid sparingly. Do not use steel wool or abrasive cleaning agents. Do not use solvents such as alcohol, benzine or benzene. • Afterwards, always wipe the kettle with a dry, soft cloth or kitchen roll. . Descaling To prolong the life of the kettle, descale it regularly. The kettle should be emptied completely after use. This reduces the build-up of limescale. • Boil 0.5 litres of water in the kettle. • Important: Switch off the kettle and add 0.2 litres of household vinegar (4-5% acid). Do not boil the water and vinegar solution as it may boil over and cause scalding. Important it is clear vinegar. • Leave the solution in the kettle for a couple of hours. • Empty the kettle and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Fill the kettle with clean water and boil. • Empty the kettle and rinse again with clean water. • Repeat the procedure if the kettle still contains limescale. • Other descaling agents intended for descaling kettles may be used, but it is important to follow the instructions carefully. • Rinse the kettle thoroughly after descaling. • Do not use sharp implements when descaling/ cleaning the kettle
Heat source ['Ceramic', 'Electric', 'Gas', 'Halogen', 'Induction']
Material Oak,Stainless steel,aluminium
Capacity (liters) 1
Height 18
Width 15
Depth 20
Diameter (cm) 14
Inductionzone (cm) 11
Weight 0.9
Designer Tools Design
Brand Eva Solo
Series Nordic kitchen
Number 502925
EAN 5706631215008


Thanks to the kettle’s steel and aluminium base, you can boil water for coffee, tea and meals in no time on your induction stove top. Simply pour water straight through the lid and heat the kettle on the stove top.

The kettle has an elegant oak handle for a comfortable, heatproof grip. Suitable for all heat sources. Wipe clean with a well-wrung, damp cloth and descale like an ordinary electric kettle through the spout on the lid.

Induction kettle - Nordic kitchen - 1 liter
Induction kettle - Nordic kitchen - 1 liter
Induction kettle - Nordic kitchen - 1 liter

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