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Eva Trio cast iron

The Cast iron range of pots and frying pans is perfect for slow cooking over a low or medium heat thanks to the excellent heat-conducting and heat-retention properties of the material, which ensures an even heat distribution. Cast iron also withstands very high temperatures.

Nordic kitchen - an alternative to cast iron

Nordic kitchen

Cast iron is a raw, rustic and durable material which is perfect for the simple Scandinavian lifestyle – but cast iron is heavy.

Consequently, the exclusive Eva Solo Nordic Kitchen series – comprising pots, frying pans, a saucepan, a sauté pan and a grill frying pan – is made of aluminium with a stylish black finish and a cast-iron look to match the new Nordic kitchen to perfection. Moreover, the rustic oak handles on the frying pans and saucepan contrast beautifully with the black metal and are always comfortable to hold.