Simple and functional graters in different sizes for almost every purpose from Eva Solo and Eva Trio. Grate everything from garlic and Parmesan cheese to sliced fruit and vegetables.


A grater is a must in any kitchen – for grating anything from garlic and chocolate to Parmesan, courgettes and cucumbers.  However, you don’t use the same grater for everything – you need several graters with different-sized grating slots.


The Eva Trio graters are extremely practical – a coarse one for carrots, a fine one for chocolate and Parmesan, and one for slicing cucumbers. In other words, a grater for each function to ensure the best results. The Eva Solo graters are both elegant and practical. They feature extra sharp laser-polished cutting surfaces and handles for a firm grip, ensuring that the graters stand securely on the kitchen surface or cutting board.

The mini grater is particularly suitable for garlic. Thanks to its ingenious design, it is possible to grate the garlic without first peeling it, thus avoiding smelly fingers. Simply rub the garlic directly against the grater with its peel on – the peel is not grated. The grated garlic collects inside the grater and can be removed after sliding up the grater plate. At the same time, the back of the grater plate is automatically scraped clean of garlic.

In addition to garlic, the Eva Solo mini grater is also ideal for grating ginger, nutmeg, lemon zest etc. In other words, a ‘small’ utensil with a lot of scope. Finally, it takes up very little space in the kitchen drawer when not in use. See also our grating bowl, which is a marriage of simplicity and ingenuity. Vegetables and fruit can be grated directly into the bowl, lightly tossed with a spoon and tipped onto a plate, ready for serving. It’s simple – and saves a lot of washing-up.


All Eva Solo graters and bowls are easy to clean, as all the parts are dishwasher-safe.