Simple and functional graters in different sizes for almost every purpose from Eva Solo and Eva Trio. Grate everything from garlic and Parmesan cheese to sliced fruit and vegetables.


Graters are indispensable tools in the kitchen. Using a grater is an easy way to prepare ingredients for any dish and get a better result. Of the many utensils you should have in the kitchen, the grater will naturally steal the limelight.

There are almost limitless uses for a grate. A larger type can be used for raw food, slicing fruit and vegetables, finely grating cheese for pasta or gratin, grating chocolate for baking and much more. If you’re looking for a high-quality grater to be a faithful helper in the kitchen, you’ll find functional and elegantly designed products here at Eva Solo.

Graters for all purposes

The grater works smoothly. Instead of bringing out the food processor or chopping finely with a knife, you can quickly grate vegetables, fruit and root veg with a few quick strokes. Eva Solo graters have sharp, laser-polished cutting surfaces for maximum cutting ability.

Eva Solo’s grating bucket is brilliant for shredding raw food and vegetables. Shaped like a practical bowl for automatic collection, this model has three grating surfaces. One is perfect for shredding carrots for salad, cheese for pizza or potatoes for frying. The next is specially designed to grate Parmesan cheese, and the third is great for slicing cucumber.

The Eva Solo mini-grater is designed to grate garlic. The small, sharp grating holes make the work easier, and the garlic collects inside the mini-grater so you don’t need to get the garlic on your fingers. You can actually grate the garlic with its peel on. This model is fantastic for zesting lemons too, as well as grating spices such as ginger and nutmeg.

Besides being effective, these graters are the epitome of elegance. The grater is made of polished stainless steel, and its design earns it a central place in the kitchen.

Long-lasting, with good ergonomic qualities

This grater is very effective. But function must not come at the expense of ergonomics. The grater must be safe to use. Both the Eva Solo grating bucket and the mini-grater are designed with the best ergonomic use in mind. The larger grater has a small but distinctly arched edge along the top that provides good support for the hand. This keeps the grater stable when you’re working with it. The mini-grater has a plastic insert with good grip to prevent slipping.

The stainless steel and hard plastic construction make the Eva Solo graters robust and very durable. Cleaning both products is easy, as they are dishwasher-safe.

Smart kitchen utensils with unique Scandinavian design

It may seem odd that Eva Solo focuses on a kitchen utensil that seems rather peripheral, at first glance. However, focusing on graters shows Eva Solo’s attention to detail when designing and manufacturing products for fun and efficient cooking and baking. Nothing is missing from this range of kitchen equipment, so you can relax as you choose to buy items you don’t already have, or want to replace.

All Eva Solo kitchen utensils sport stylish design that has been refined and matured during more than a century of the history of the brand.