Gifts for foodies

Gifts for foodies

Food is nourishing in so many ways. Good ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibres. A fragrant, beautiful dish can awaken and stimulate all the senses. A meal brings people together and strengthens social relations. Just as relaxing hours spent alone in the kitchen can be the ultimate self-indulgence.

Frying pans with non-stick

Frying pans with a non-stick Slip-Let® coating have several advantages. The coating prevents food from sticking, and it allows you to cook using less fat compared to frying pans without a non-stick Slip-Let® finish. However, frying pans with non-stick Slip-Let® are also much easier to clean after use, as food does not stick.

Homemade sauce

Sauté pans

The deep sauté pan is ideal for frying and stews.

Large pots - from stove to table

Baking dishes and roasting pans

Kitchen accessories

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