Outdoor living added glow

Make sure you are ready to make the most of beautiful evenings spent outdoors. Illuminating the afterglow of day, stylish and functional outdoor lighting from Eva Solo will ensure an atmosphere of true Danish hygge from dusk till dawn – regardless of season. 


With a name reflecting its ability to infuse light and warmth, the sculptural Radiant lamp creates a true Scandinavian ambience – whether for a relaxing evening of hygge on the terrace or as a decorative light on the bookshelf. Wooden slats and outer shell are highly durable, allowing the lamp to withstand everyday accidents at home among curious children and eager pets.

A pearly beige and dusty blue are the two soft, new colours that have been added to the coveted, slender design. Tall Radiant measures 25cm, has three adjustable brightness levels, and will last 90 impressive hours on a single battery charge. 

Solar-powered danish hygge

Nothing beats long nights spent outdoor. SunLight is a collection of table lamps, lanterns, and spikes, created with the mesmerising beauty of Scandinavian light in mind. Designed for year-round outdoor use, these all-weather lamps are 100% solar powered. Cordless, they are highly adaptable – allowing you to move the lamps around according to need and desire for ambient lighting in the garden, balcony, or sundeck.


SunLight lamps are decorative and energy smart. All styles have built-in, concealed solar panels and attractive practical features: Dusk-to-dawn sensor switching on automatically as the sun sets, and power-conserving automatic switch-off. At full charge the lamps will stay energised for up to 20 hours. 


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