Legio Nova wine glasses

Choose between red wine, white wine and champagne glasses

The Legio Nova range perfects your dining experience with elegant, coordinated stemware.

Five years warranty

When you hold a Legio Nova wine glass from Eva Trio in your hand, you’ll be struck by the perfect contouring, the fine chime and the sparkle and translucence. But know that beyond their elegant exterior, these glasses boast a durability and strength to enjoy for many years, and the ability to retain clarity after many dishwasher cycles. We’re confident in raising our glasses to that. 

Can you really spend a whole year designing a wine glass?

Wine glasses are more than just dining table décor. The shape, size and opening actually influence the flavour and aroma of the wine. This is why the team at the Says Who design studio devoted more than a year to developing “the perfect wine glasses”.

Complete your Legio Nova table setting

Legio Nova tableware are robust enough for everyday use, and are obviously completely dishwasher-safe. With its refined grooves which elegantly frame the food and the glossy glazed surface, the Legio Nova dinner service is equally suited for dinner parties and festive events where you want to make your table particularly presentable.

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