Green tool
18 cm

  • Good all-round knife
  • Thin sharp blade
  • Sustainable material
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EUR 29.95
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  • Santoku
  • Santoku
  • Santoku
EUR 29.95

Green tool Santoku

A Santoku is a fantastic all-round kitchen knife which is perfect for chopping and slicing vegetables, meat and fish. Thanks to its thin, sharp blade, the Santoku knife is easy to use and particularly good for precision work.

Less plastic, more flavour in the kitchen. The Green tools series is a series of functional and sustainable cookware designed to bring out the flavours of the vegetables you serve. All the handles in the series are made of a sustainable material in which 50 per cent of the plastic has been replaced by wheat fibre. The Green tools are thus a tribute to new green habits in the kitchen as well as new and sustainable production methods.