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Days spent cooking with
frederik bille brahe

With Days spent cooking Frederik will give us his take on winter cooking with a hint of Christmas and share some of his great recipes. Frederik is cooking for us in his private home surrounded by his family. His philosophy is very much based upon the principles of taking common known recipes and making them feel new and interesting yet again, using different techniques or ingredients.

Frederik Bille Brahe is a renowned chef and celebrated Copenhagen tastemaker, but he is also a family man: father to Sonya and husband to Caroline.


This dish is nothing short of perfect in its simplicity. Tasty and wintery – plus fun to make. One of those dishes you’ll return to again and again.

"To me Eva Trio is good Danish craftmanship. And I'm really happy to use it. I've known it my whole life. I even think, the very first pot I got when moving away from home was an Eva trio-pot."

- Frederik Bille Brahe

Tasteful duck stew

This flavourful dish is sublime on a dark winter’s eve. It requires a decent pot – preferably a cast iron pot as this distributes the heat evenly and ensures the duck won’t burn.

"The big cast iron pot is lika an alter in our family. To me it's a classic, a pot you always return to."

- Frederik Bille Brahe


This creamy rice pudding is a lovely alternative to the classic Danish risalamande. Its tangy apple topping makes for an elegant contrast to the milky dessert.

"Cooking is actually about, it's going to sound corny, but love."

Frederik Bille Brahe