Charcoal grill

Do you prefer charcoal to gas? Then the classic charcoal grill from Eva Solo is the ideal choice for people with a taste for functionality and design. 

Charcoal grill

The charcoal grill is the right choice for the barbecue enthusiast who’s keen to have the real grilling experience and the classic barbeque taste. Our practical and stylish classic charcoal grill helps you take the art of grilling to the next level. See our charcoal grills for tables and patios here. It’s all about simple, elegant design with the very best practical functions.

Do you prefer coal to gas? It takes longer to cook meat, fish and vegetables, but if you’re happy to let the cooking take its time, this really is the only choice. Functionality meets stylish design, and a classic charcoal grill by Eva Solo is every bit as impressive to look at as it is a tool for making delicious meals.

State-of-the-art charcoal grills with a practical design

The Eva Solo range of charcoal grills includes table grills and versions that can be used on the floor or balcony. The design exudes clean lines and practicality. Design and utility go hand in hand with these table and floor grills.

The Eva Solo table grill is perfect for cooking small dishes directly on the table, for example tapas for two. This model is a great for taking to the park or beach, too. At the bottom, there’s a porcelain bucket with a handle. The bucket holds a stand, grill handle and grid. The stand makes the grill stable on all surfaces. Our table grill is designed for flexible use in all sorts of environments.

The Eva Solo charcoal grill designed for placing on the floor or patio is available in two sizes, 49 cm or 59 cm in diameter. They have a simple but exclusive design with an aluminium finish, and they serve as simple and efficient grills for all types of meat, fish and vegetables. This elegant model has a wider top for the charcoal and grid. A smart collection insert makes cleaning a breeze.

Charcoal grill – the only choice for many people

The charcoal grill is the natural choice for barbecue lovers. Barbecue lovers appreciate three things above all. The first is the aroma. There’s something special about the aroma of burning charcoal.

The second is the taste. The evaporation of grease and meat juices in the glowing coals creates a distinctive barbecue flavour that’s difficult to achieve with bottled gas.

The third is the temperature. It’s possible to reach significantly higher temperatures with a charcoal grill than a gas grill, and that matters to more skilled grillers.

Evocative heating and lighting

The job of a grill is to provide heat, and Eva Solo charcoal grills can also be used as a brazier on chilly evenings in the garden or on the balcony. A cosy fire can add warmth to summer evenings so they last a little longer.

The floor grills have an elegant lid that fits easily on top. The lid can be used as a handy and decorative side table on the balcony or in the conservatory.

Accessories and other grills

The grill itself is just one component of the cooking. Using ergonomic, practical accessories is very important, too. You can find your accessories for charcoal grills, including a complete barbecue set, on this page.

You may also want to add a gas grill for occasions when you don’t have as much time for cooking. Just like the Eva Solo charcoal grills, we don’t compromise when it comes to the design and function of our gas grills.