Incl. cooking lid with thermometer
Gas grill (IT/GR)

  • Simple design
  • Three individual burners, max. temperature 330-360°C
  • The grill is supplied with a dome lid which creates the same effect as a fan oven
  • Available in black and stainless steel
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  • Gas grill (IT/GR)
  • Gas grill (IT/GR)
  • Gas grill (IT/GR)
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Gas grill

The Eva Solo gas grill is highly functional and easy to use. It has been specially developed for grill enthusiasts who value original design and good quality. Without any compromises, only exclusive details. 

The grill has three individually adjustable burners, which ensures an even heat distribution, while also allowing you to vary the temperature depending on whether you are cooking meat, fish or vegetables. The adjustable burners also mean that you can maintain a stable temperature when slow cooking, for example. Another nice touch is that the gas bottle is concealed inside the grill.

The grill comes with a unique dome lid, which makes it possible to create a fan oven effect in the grill. The dome lid has a built-in thermometer, and the grill can cook at a maximum temperature of 330-360°C. When not in use, the lid hangs neatly on the side of the grill. 

When the gas grill is not being used, place the flat lid on top of the grill to create a smart patio side table – it is almost a garden sculpture in itself.

The gas grill is available in stainless steel and black matt enamelled steel, while the grid is made of stainless steel on both models. The grill is 59 cm in diameter, and is easy to clean.

Gas cylinder not included.

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  • Facts

    • Simple design
    • Three individual burners, max. temperature 330-360°C
    • The grill is supplied with a dome lid which creates the same effect as a fan oven
    • Available in black and stainless steel
    • Materials: Powder coated steel, Stainless steel
    • Kilowatt: 11
    • Cooking Area: Ø 50 cm
    • Stainless Steel burners: 3
    • Grease drip-tray: Yes
    • Built-in thermometer: Yes
    • Side table: Bought in addition
    • Design by: Tools®
    • Color:
    • Size: Height: 102 cm, Diameter: 59 cm
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  • Maintenance

    Always check that the grill is cold before cleaning it. Wash the grill with hot water water and a mild detergent. Then rinse well with clean water and wipe dry. Remember to clean the grill thoroughly at regular intervals, and use a grill brush to clean the grid after use. The surface of the grill is prone to damage if sharp implements or abrasive cleaning agents are used to clean it.

    The grid, the flavouriser plate and the burner compartment will gradually become darker as they are exposed to heat. Such darkening cannot be cleaned off, but any food residues can be removed using a steel brush.

    For a particularly thorough clean, a mixture of soft soap and household ammonia may be applied to the grid and the flavouriser plate. Place the parts in a sealed plastic bag for several hours, preferably overnight. Then remove them from the bag and clean according to the normal procedure.

    The burners may gradually become clogged up. Clean the burners regularly using a stiff brush, and check that the holes in the pipes are not blocked. The drip bowl should be cleaned every time you have used the grill. You may like to line the bowl with a piece of aluminium foil before use to facilitate cleaning once the grill has cooled down.

    Wash the visible surfaces of the grill regularly using soapy water and a sponge. Burnt-on food will often need to be removed by hand. Please be aware that any parts with a brushed surface may be cosmetically damaged by the use of steel wool and scouring pads.

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