People are naturally curious. We were all born motivated to seek new discoveries and to grow from new experiences. Curiosity can be a great starting point for a community – and can also arouse special niche interests to be cultivated at our own pace.

Gifts for him

Surprise a great man with a high-quality gift showing that you care.

Gifts for her

Passions can be as unique as the people pursuing them. 

Gifts for the coffee buff

To the true coffee buff, it is crucial that the coffee be brewed and served in a manner providing aroma and flavour with the very best conditions for unfolding.

Gifts for the foodie

Food is nourishing in so many ways. Good ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibres. 

Gifts for the wine connoisseur

If words like bouquet, body, notes, curtains, and tannins are often heard from the person being celebrated, you've got marvellous indicators for the direction of the gift.

Gifts for the home bar

Offer a gift that ignites the creativity of the recipient.

Gifts for (grand)parents

For parents and grandparents, your company is undoubtedly the best gift you can ever give.

Gifts for the gardener

The garden is the gift that keeps on giving. Nature is peaceful and provides a sense of grounding. 

Gift for the design aficionado

Aesthetic, clever design is pure inspiration. A feast for the eyes and hands.

Gifts for the home baker

The smell of homemade buns, bread and cakes awakens joy, comfort, and hunger in most people.

Other gift ideas

Didn't find what you were looking for? Then take a look at these gift ideas.

Host/hostess gift ideas

Host/hostess gift ideas

There is nothing like an invitation – especially when the host and hostess go to great lengths to ensure that you have a lovely experience.



Discover the right gift at the right price – regardless of whether your budget is large or small, and whether you are buying from yourself or on behalf of many.

Gifts below 35€

Gifts below 35€

Our range is broad, from stylish gadgets to cozy home items, so you can discover something unique and thoughtful for friends, family, or colleagues.

Gifts over 150€

Gifts over 150€

Prepare to be inspired and find the perfect present that elevates both daily life and outdoor environments.

Wedding gift ideas

Wedding gift ideas

The big day. The big ‘I do’. The big party. Big dreams of a life shared with a special someone.



There are countless reasons for celebrating and honouring important people around us. Whatever your occasion, we have made finding the perfect present an easy task.