5-year warranty against glass disease and rim chips

When you hold a Legio Nova wine glass from Eva Trio in your hand, you’ll be struck by the perfect contouring, the fine chime and the sparkle and translucence. But know that beyond their elegant exterior, these glasses boast a durability and strength to enjoy for many years, and the ability to retain clarity after many dishwasher cycles. We’re confident in raising our glasses to that.  

Which is why we offer a warranty period of five years covering chips to the rim or foot as well as discolouration or opacity caused by washing. If you experience any of these issues, Eva Solo will replace your glass at no added cost to you.

The warranty is conditional on the product being used correctly for its intended purpose and not being subjected to rough handling. This means that the warranty does not cover gross misuse, modification or incorrect use. Legio Nova wine glasses from Eva Trio are dishwasher-safe on a glassware cycle and at max. 55 °C. The warranty is void if the glasses have not been cleaned as recommended.  

The warranty applies only to purchases by private individuals from retailers, and warranty claims may be made by private individuals only. The warranty covers firsts (first quality) only. Eva Solo A/S reserves the right to terminate its warranty scheme. This means that the warranty applies only to purchases made within the period in which the warranty is provided.

Eva Solo A/S will require reasonable proof of your date of purchase. You should therefore retain your receipt or sales invoice. In case of any claim, please contact the retailer from which the product was purchased. Eva Solo A/S will then determine if the product is covered by the warranty. Eva Solo A/S reserves the right to require return of the product for further assessment. If Eva Solo A/S confirms the defect, the product will be replaced free of charge. 

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to return the product to Eva Solo A/S if required to do so. We recommend returning the item by a parcel-tracking service. Parcels must NOT be returned by DAO or any other service delivering parcels during night-time hours when we are not available to receive them, as this often results in the parcels going astray. PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept returns to a parcel terminal. All returns must be sent as per agreement with Eva Solo A/S direct to our address. If not, a delivery charge (DKK 49) will be deducted from the refundable value of the returned item(s).

The return parcel must be sent by a door-to-door daytime service directly to our address:

Eva Solo A/S
Attn: Customer Service
Måløv Teknikerby 18-20
DK-2760 Måløv
Mark the parcel: Return