Dining table chair proves its worth, after dinner too

Dosina is a range of chairs by Danish designer Thomas Pedersen. The chairs unite sturdy oak and steel in a streamlined construction with a light, timeless look to encourage occupants to linger in the seat for longer.


The fan-shaped silhouette with its distinctive rounding evoking the Dosina seashell accentuates the chair’s superior seating comfort with the generous embrace of its backrest, while the clean rounded contours and slender symmetrical legs underpin the chair’s minimalist qualities. The result is an exceptionally versatile chair that adapts readily to diverse interior design styles and uses. Use it as a dining chair at home, as a work chair at the office or to furnish your restaurant. Also available to purchase separately, the rowed-seating connectors allow the Dosina chair to be set up in rows for events.

Pedersen, who has run the SPARK by Thomas Pedersen design studio since 2002, wanted to create a chair striking the perfect balance between function, comfort and visual appeal.

The idea for Dosina was to design a comfortable, stackable, lightweight and distinctive chair, which by virtue of its shape is instantly recognisable from any angle, regardless of its colour and finish,” Pedersen explains.

The Dosina chairs are easily stackable, so you can always keep a couple of extra chairs without needless space-wasting. But the chairs are more than comfortable and practical – the subtle, refined elements raise the bar for well-proportioned design.

Pedersen points out that “The detail of where the backrest and frame coalesce almost as one shows off the materials as interacting unifiers. Equally, the exposed plywood edging is a reference to the Taffel table and the honesty of the materials.

Dosina expresses the whole design ethos of both SPARK and Eva Solo: simplicity, usability and longevity.

About Thomas Pedersen

Thomas Pedersen is a trained architect from Aarhus School of Architecture, and since he qualified in 2002 he has run SPARK by Thomas Pedersen. The design studio strives to create product and furniture designs that combine ergonomics with aesthetics and sustainability, as manifested in designs that combine the Danish love of simplicity and lasting materials with a modern look where nothing is left to chance.  The main source of inspiration is the natural world and anatomical proportions. The result is distinctly organic designs rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, but which also look to the future.

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