About our design

Good design is everything

Design is not just about outward appearances. Design is a combination of aesthetics, functionality and choice of materials. And good design produces beautiful products which are a joy to use and own. Eva Solo works with designers who excel within their respective fields, and over the years our products have won more than 150 Danish and international design awards. Good design is simply at the heart of everything we do.

Tools Design

Tools Design

Tools Design was founded in 1989 by designers Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk. A couple of decades on and with more than 200 international design awards to their name, Tools Design is one of Denmark’s leading design firms. The designs are characterised by a simple and innovative approach to the product and its function. And in the hands of these skilled designers, the result is stunning products which are truly functional.

Tools has been on board ever since the Eva Solo series was launched in 1997, and they have created all the items in the extensive range.

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Ole Palsby

The originator of the iconic Eva Trio pots and pans. The series was conceived in 1977 when Ole Palsby decided to use three different materials in a single product, thereby achieving the optimum desired properties. And hence the name Eva Trio. At the same time, the cookware’s characteristic handles represented a truly innovative take on Danish design. Over the years, the Eva Trio designs have won a flood of design awards and become genuine design classics.



Simon Skafdrup qualified as industrial designer at Aarhus School of Architecture. He runs 3PART, which he set up in 1998 and which has since grown to become one of Denmark’s leading design agencies.

3PART works in the borderland between research, innovation and design and finds inspiration by looking beyond the way in which we live. 3PART is therefore not just staffed by designers but also by sociologists, ethnographers and engineers. This fosters new approaches that feed and stimulate the creative process. The aim is to shed light on what’s hidden and give it a new, functional and aesthetic shape based on the simple Scandinavian design tradition.

3PART enjoys widespread recognition in Denmark and Europe, the USA and Asia.

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DesignWright is a London-based design practise of English Brothers Adrian and Jeremy Wright, specializing in product and furniture design.