Usher spring in
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Legio nova wine glasses

The exquisite resonance and chime when the glasses are clinked, a clarity to enhance the visual appeal of the wine – and, not least, the perfect shape to release the aroma, letting the wine come into its own.

Can you really spend a whole year designing a wine glass?

“Just the lines of a wine glass hold endless iterations of these very subtle details,” says Nikolaj Duve, co-founder of Says Who and one of the creative forces behind our new Legio Nova wine glasses.

Small aspargus tarts with lumpsucker caviar

Crisp and easy little tarts. Serve as a starter or as a tasty snack.

Rice bowl with pickled greens, spinach and fried egg

Main course, serves 3-4

Carry TV stand

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New Nordic kitchen table caddy

New Nordic kitchen table caddy

Think into the box and reduce food waste

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