Copper saucepan - 1.8 l

3-layer construction of copper, aluminum and stainless steel
Goes on all heat sources incl. Induction
Original design from 1977
Not dishwasher-safe
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Color Copper
Cleaning Not diswasher-safe
Oven Safe Yes
Heat source ['Ceramic', 'Electric', 'Gas', 'Induction', 'Oven']
Material Copper,Stainless steel
Capacity (liters) 1.5
Height 12
Width 16
Depth 32
Diameter (cm) 16
Inductionzone (cm) 13
Weight 0.96
Designer Ole Palsby
Brand Eva Trio
Series Copper
Number 271012
EAN 5706631069953


The Eva Trio Copper range is based on multi-layer technology that combines all the outstanding properties of copper, aluminium and stainless steel.

The base and sides of the cookware feature a threelayer construction consisting of copper on the outside, an aluminium core and stainless steel on the inside. This special combination ensures that the cookware is evenly heated across its base and up the sides, making for absolutely unique frying and cooking properties.

The copper also provides full control of the cooking process because it responds quickly to changes in temperature – an important property when preparing sauces and other fine cuisine. All the pots and frying pans feature a practical pouring lip for even easier handling.

The high-gloss stainless steel inside is extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean.


The copper range can be used on all modern heat sources – including induction.


All handles are made of solid stainless steel. During normal use on the cooker, the handles will therefore never be too hot to hold without potholders. However, this does not apply when cooking on gas or in the oven.


  • Remove labels and, using washing-up liquid, wash the cookware to remove any production impurities.
  • The copper cookware is coated with a thin layer of water-based sealant to protect the high-gloss surface during shipping. This can easily be removed by washing the cookware with hot water and washing-up liquid. Oxidation then commences, producing a natural patina on the surface of the cookware.
The cookware can be polished using ordinary copper polish once the protective seal has been removed.


  • Pots, frying pans and lids must be washed by hand using washing-up liquid and a soft brush/sponge.
  • Not dishwasher-safe.
  • Never use steel wool or abrasives to clean.
  • The outside of the copper cookware can be polished using copper polish.

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