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Wine glasses that complete the table setting

Shaped to the individual wine

The many different wine grapes available today can be traced back to a few European varieties. Wines made from these grapes can be divided into two main categories of taste. The bowls of Eva Solo wine glasses have been designed in collaboration with a handpicked team of sommeliers to match these categories. The result is a series of glasses that perfectly match each individual g rape variety, depending on whether the wine should be swirled and the volume of the pour.

Both the wine and the person who drinks the wine will benefit from these glasses.

The right angle

The angled rim on each Eva Solo wine glass is no accident. Nor i s it a result of the designer’s fancy. The angle has been carefully designed to enhance the bouquet and character of each wine while adding a unique touch of elegance to the glass.

It’s the choice of a true wine connoisseur.

A sumblime experiance

Wine drinking should be sublime. There’s an elegance to enjoying the exquisite flavour notes on your palate. At Eva Solo, we know that the best way to savour the experience is to drink from the highest quality wine glasses. And the highest quality glasses are mouth-blown. No other technique gives the glass such an elegant and unique finish. It’s a sublime design for a sublime experience.

Eva Solo mouth-blown wineglasses with the iconic angled rim add the finishing touch to any table setting. Our range consists of magnum, red wine, white wine, and champagne glasses. 

Wine drinking should be sublime. There’s an elegance to enjoying the exquisite flavour notes of wine on your palate. At Eva Solo, we know that the best way to savour the experience is to drink from the highest quality wine glasses.

• Variety of wine glasses for different wines, including Champagne, red and white wines.
• Expertly mouthblown glass with a slanted edge for sophisticated wine drinking.
• Different shapes for a variety of wine flavour profiles.
• The perfect combination of style and functionality.

You haven’t really tasted wine until you’ve sipped from an Eva Solo wine glass.

Wine glasses that complete the table setting

Have a well-appointed dining table with beautiful wine glasses by Eva Solo to complete your table setting. Every glass from the different glass ranges has its own features and attributes – in terms of both aesthetic styling and function.

The Eva Solo and Eva Trio wine glasses share a characteristic slanting edge, giving the glasses a consistent look also seen in the tumblers. You will find a variety of beautiful, elegant red wine glasses, white wine glasses and champagne flutes. Whether you’re into small or large red wine glasses, you’ll find what you’re looking for here at Eva Solo. Also take a look at our wine carafes and wine accessories.

Mouth-blown wine glasses from Eva Solo

When you buy Eva Solo wine glasses you get unique glasses, as no two are alike. All Eva Solo wine glasses are mouth-blown, which means the stem and bowl are drawn out as one. Despite its slanting edge, the drinking rim of the wine glasses is slender and elegant, allowing you to drink from all sides.

Blowing glass by hand is very time-consuming and is a technique which is used in particular for fine wineglasses, glass art and crystal, as mouth-blown glass has an attractive finish. Producing a mouth-blown wineglass with a stem and foot involves up to 16 different stages, with everything done by hand. Due to this manufacturing process, you will often find that the glasses are not exactly alike. There may be slight differences in height, the thickness of the glass and the diameter of the bowl. The advantage of the mouth-blown wine glasses is that there are no edges in the transition between the stem and the bowl, giving the glass a beautiful, exclusive look.

A specific glass for each wine

It’s no coincidence that every glass has its own characteristic styling. It follows, therefore, that the glass you choose and how it looks when you drink a glass of wine are not a matter of chance, either. The shape needs to match the type of wine that you are pouring.

The shape of the wine glass determines how the wine’s aromas are placed in the mouth, which is important if you want to enjoy the wine to the full. At Eva Solo, you can choose from different wine glass ranges. The assortment comprises red wine glasses, white wine glasses, champagne flutes and tumblers. Each glass is suitable for a specific type of wine, ensuring the full enjoyment of this taste sensation.

The most famous dry and intense wines, including Sauvignon Blanc, Zierfande and Chablis, taste crisp and fresh from our Sauvignon Blanc wine glasses.

Refined and velvety wines, however, taste superb from our Bourgogne wine glasses. Pinot Noir and Chianti wines in particular will reveal hidden sweet and fruity notes when sipped slowly from these mouth-blown wine glasses.

For each wine, you can find a glass to compliment the natural flavours here at Eva Solo.

Eva Solo wine glasses, shaped by the grape

There are countless types of grapes worldwide, all sharing their origins and basic elements with a limited number of European varieties. Basically, wine can be divided into various ‘taste groups’ that transcend national borders.

In collaboration with wine connoisseurs, the bowls of the Eva Solo red wine and Eva Solo white glasses are designed on the basis of the various grape rootstocks so they fulfil the requirements of the respective taste groups. For example, some wines need aerating, while others don’t, some benefit from being swirled, and some wines have an ideal pouring volume.

Eva Solo wine glass quality

The advantage of buying your wine glasses from Eva Solo is that you know that each individual wine glass has been blown especially by experts. If you want supreme quality and sophistication, these are the wine glasses for you.

For your convenience, all our wine glasses are dishwasher safe at low temperatures. Ensure they are securely placed in the dishwasher wrack and remove them as soon as the dishwasher cycle is complete to maintain the high-quality glass shine.

Not only are the wine glasses high-quality, but the service is too. Simply return your wine glasses, unused and in their original packaging, within 14 days of receiving them for a full refund, no questions asked.

If you simply must have high-quality wine glasses for special occasions, dinner parties or just for everyday use, you’ve come to the right place. Shop Eva Solo wine glasses now.