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Wine glasses that complete any table setting

Wine drinking should be sublime. At Eva Solo, we have a wide range of high-quality wine glasses for the true wine connoisseur. Whether you are having a warm family gathering or a romantic night in, enjoy your favourite reds and whites in an elegant wine glass, designed and produced with care and expertise in Denmark. We also offer champagne flutes to celebrate your milestones in style.

Each Eva Solo and Eva Trio wine glass are defined by unique features and attributes – both in terms of aesthetic styling and function. The glasses share an iconic slanting edge, giving them a consistent look, and each one is designed to enhance the flavours of individual wines.

Shaped by the grape

The many different wine grapes available today can be traced back to a few European varieties. Wines made from these grapes can be divided into two main categories of taste. Our wine glasses were designed in collaboration with a handpicked team of sommeliers to honour these categories and the requirements of the respective taste groups.

The result? A series of glasses that perfectly match each individual grape variety, depending on whether the wine should be swirled or aerated and the volume of the pour.

A specific glass for each wine

The shape of your chosen wine glass determines how its aromas are placed in the mouth, allowing you to savour the experience to the fullest. Our large and small white wine glasses bring out the crisp and fresh quality of the most famous dry and intense wines, such as Sauvignon Blancs, Zierfandes and Chablis. For refined and velvety red wines, we recommend our Bourgogne wine glasses. In particular, our glasses bring out the hidden sweet and fruity notes of Pinot Noir and Chianti wines.

The right angle

The mouth-blown wine glasses from Eva Solo feature our iconic angled rim to enhance the bouquet and character of each wine. It adds a unique touch of elegance to the shape of the glass, while allowing you to drink from all sides. Whether you are looking for a magnum, red wine, white wine, or champagne glass, there is something for you.

Mouth-blown, for an exclusive experience

Our fine wine glasses are mouth-blown, a technique that produces an attractive finish and a refined appeal. Producing a mouth-blown wine glass with a stem and foot involves up to 16 different stages, and this hand-made process adds a touch of uniqueness to your dining table, with no two glasses being the exact same. The slight differences in height, glass thickness, and bowl diameter point to the care and dedication of an expert glass maker. The mouth-blown wine glasses do not come with edges in the transition between the stem and the bowl, giving each glass a beautiful appearance.

Wine glasses for every occasion

Just as there are wines for every occasion, we have glasses for your every need. Our wine glasses are perfect for dining al fresco with family or entertaining a crowd, and they are ideal for enjoying a quiet night in alone or with your special person. Find large and small glasses for everyday use and for special events.

More than just wine glasses

At Eva Solo, we believe that every moment in life is a special occasion, and we strive to provide an elegant experience from kitchen to table. Complete your wine glass sets with our collection of wine cafes and accessories. If you are feeling something a little more bubbly, check out our champagne glasses and be inspired by our cocktail recipes.