Solar cell lamps

Solar cell lamps

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Solar cell lamps

Solar cell lamps provide ambient, eco-friendly light without wires. With manual or automatic activation at dusk, your lighting will extend the evening and frame the patio or conservatory beautifully.

Our Swedish summer evenings are virtually never-ending, but even so, a little extra light adds to the atmosphere and makes you feel like sitting out for longer. Eva Solo solar cell lamps can be placed on the patio table or in the conservatory, suspended from hooks hung on the house, or even placed in trees. You can use the lamps in all kinds of ways and places – only your imagination sets the limit!


Eva Solo has a unique range of solar cell lamps that go by the name of Sunlight. There are lots of different models, and even more uses for them. The range of solar cell lamps includes table lamps, ceiling lamps, lamps on a spike for the garden and lamps with hooks for hanging.

The name of the product range is no coincidence. The energy source is sunlight, and the light from the lamps when you switch them on – or when they turn on automatically in the evening – is bright and strong. The way the glass lampshades disperse the LED light creates the right atmosphere as dusk falls. Use the extra light on the patio or in your conservatory for entertaining friends or just to chill out and enjoy the peace and quiet of the evening.

The Eva Solo solar cell lamps are stylishly designed. The glass lampshades are elegantly domed to disperse as much light as possible, and other details are in elegant anodised aluminium. Unlike in most solar cell lamps, the photovoltaic panels are not visible but are integrated into the design.
Automatic charging during the day

A lot of solar cell lamps tend to be quite weak. They require many hours of exposure to light, but give only a modest glow. Eva Solo solar cell lights shine brightly for up to 20 hours based on an eight-hour charge of full sunlight. The battery driving the LED light can take up to 1,000 charge cycles.
The LEDs are bright, with up to 15,000 burning hours. In short, you’ll never have to replace the actual LED light in your solar cell lamp.

If you want to use Eva Solo solar cell lamps as ambient lighting indoors, too, you can choose the Sunlight Lounge model. This solar cell-powered table lamp can also be charged via USB. A sleekly styled lamp that will look great anywhere in your home.


Solar cell lamps are mostly used as outdoor lighting in the summer to make the patio or conservatory a bit cosier. However, they can also be useful as general indoor lighting in winter, especially if they are fitted with a twilight sensor. Coming home to a house in darkness after work isn’t very welcoming, but if you have solar cell lights with a dusk sensor, you can make sure it’ll be glowing in your windows when you open the door. It brightens things up a bit and helps make the dark winter days a little more bearable.