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Eva Trio cookware sets

Do your pots need replacing, or do you just fancy treating yourself to some new cookware? An Eva Trio cookware set gives you the whole package in one purchase. Each cookware set you find here has its advantages depending on which material you opt for. What you can be absolutely sure of is that quality, design and functionality are top-notch, whatever you choose.

Eva Trio is renowned for producing cooking utensils that are equally suitable for everyday cooking and for the days when you launch into new culinary adventures. Do you want a trusty companion that won’t let you down when the gravy is about to burn, or when the pasta needs to be sifted out of the water? Choose an Eva Trio cookware set – then you can safely replace your old pots, no matter what heat source you have in your kitchen. So you can even use your Eva Trio cookware set on induction rings.

High-quality cookware sets by Eva Trio

Eva Trio’s assortment of cookware sets includes different pot ranges, so you can be sure to find something that’s just right for your kitchen and ambitions. Go for the material and cookware that will work best for you when you’re slaving over a hot stove. The classic stainless steel Eva Trio pots are available in a four-piece cookware set; there’s even a pasta insert, which makes it easy to strain the water from freshly cooked pasta. The stainless steel material makes the pots highly usable, as they are durable and can withstand high temperatures. The steel is resistant to food acids, too, so they retain their good looks.

What all the Eva Trio pot sets have in common is the consistently timeless design, where form and functionality merge into one. Are you into high-quality Nordic minimalism? Then the Eva Trio pots are a safe choice. Here, the focus is on the small details that make all the difference. Remember: pot lids are purchased separately.

Discover the pleasure of food every day!

The pleasure of food is often associated with the equipment we have in the kitchen. Make sure you have what you need to discover the pleasure of cooking every day. The pots are a major component of the cookware found in kitchen cabinets in the majority of Danish homes. Pulling a saucepan out of the cabinet should put a smile on your face! That’s why Eva Trio offers different ranges and sets of pots, as no two kitchens are alike.

With a cookware set consisting of three items from the Dura Line range, you can safely get carried away preparing risottos, sauces and other dishes that burn easily. The aluminium pots are equipped with a non-stick coating that prevents the food from burning on. The coating is durable and easy to clean, too. Apart from the Dura Line, there are also the White Line pots in a cookware set. This set also consists of aluminium pots, but they are coated with a white, ceramic coating. The ceramic coating is incredibly durable and withstands high temperatures up to 450°°C, making it exceptionally good for everyday use, when pots are exposed to a little bit of everything.