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The Eva Solo beer glass was designed in close collaboration with some of Denmark’s best brewers. As with wine, the different beers require a special glass to enable you to enjoy the unique properties of each type of beer – and the shape of the glass also helps to create the right head of foam on the beer.

There is more to beer than meets the eye. There are different types, each of which has its own distinctive features, in terms of taste, colour and foam. These properties can usually be enhanced by choosing a special type of glass when drinking your beer. Just as there are different types of glass for the different kinds of wine and spirits, to achieve exactly the same sort of results.


Much of the experience of drinking beer is about being able to see the vibrancy and colour of the beer. In addition, it’s about enjoying the foam and aroma when you put your nose over the glass before you drink. These are all factors that can be promoted by choosing the right glass for the beer.
In general, there are two types: There’s the tall, slender beer glass for a good wheat beer, brewed according to Belgian traditions, and then there’s the more cognac-shaped lager glass that provides even better opportunity for enjoying the aroma and warming the beer in your hand.

These two are the types Eva Solo has produced in collaboration with professional brewers. Both have the iconic sloping edge that characterises Eva Solo glasses. The beer glass also has a foot to signal that beer must be enjoyed and taken as seriously as wine.


The Lager glass is designed to give you the best scope for enjoying the foam and aroma of your pilsner. The glass also beautifully showcases the golden colour of the beer and its sparkling bubbles.

The rounding and the sloping edge near the top of the glass maintain the foam crown that forms when you pour the beer. The foam helps keep the beer bubbling longer, so you can enjoy the bubbles for longer – both visually in the glass and when you drink the beer.

The cognac-shaped beer glass is also suitable for enjoying stronger, dark beers, because it allows you to warm the beer in your hand. For the slightly stronger beers, a drinking temperature of 12–14°C is usually necessary to coax the special characteristics of the beer to emerge.

At the same time, it positions the relatively low, wide glass of beer at the front of the mouth, where we especially notice sour, salty and bitter tastes. The width of the glass, too, increases the chances of the beer being more evenly distributed in your mouth.


A wheat beer is best served in a tall, slender glass that narrows a little towards the top. It is very similar to a champagne glass. The narrowing and slanting edge makes for a superb foam crown at the top of the glass, while also consolidating the aroma of the wheat beer.

The height of the glass, too, offers great scope for considering the beautiful yellow colour of the wheat beer and enjoying watching the bubbles rise all the way up through the glass.

In addition, the height of the glass and the narrow opening ensures that the beer lands on the precise parts of the tongue where you can best appreciate the bitterness of the beer.


With the two beer glasses from Eva Solo, you are well equipped no matter what type of beer you want to serve your guests. So, if you are serious about your beer and take a real interest in it, your home should have both beer types of beer glass available.