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Bread and cake tins

Freshly baked bread is one of the great pleasures of life. Most of us find it hard to resist a slice of warm, freshly baked bread with something delicious on top. Bread tins produce perfect results every time, and thanks to the non-stick coating, getting the loaf out of the tin is quick and easy.

With some Eva Solo bread and cake tins, you’ll be able to enjoy freshly baked bread a bit more often than usual. The inside of the tin has a non-stick Slip-Let ® coating. This prevents the bread from burning onto the tin and makes it easier to clean, too, so baking bread becomes fun and easy.


Whether you’re baking bread for Sunday brunch or making a sponge cake to enjoy with coffee, you’ll want to make the process as painless as possible. Baking tins are a great solution. Just fill the tin with the dough or cake mixture, then wait for the timer to ring or until you can see the colour of your bread is just right.

The Slip-Let® coating is unique to the Eva Solo baking tins and prevents the bread from burning onto the tin. The coating lasts a long time, so you can look forward to years of easy clean-ups too. A few quick strokes with the washing-up brush and a little detergent usually does the trick.


When you’re baking a white wheat-based loaf or a soft cake, you’ll probably want it to rise above the top edge. Or soft cakes. The Eva Solo range of baking tins includes tins of different lengths as well as ones with slightly lower edges. These give your bread and cakes a nice shape.

Bread with rye or other types of coarse flour or seeds do better in a taller tin with higher edges. They take longer to bake, and it’s important for the heat to be evenly distributed. If you’re into baking rye bread and seeded loaves, choose one of the taller bread tins by Eva Solo on this page. You’ll find baking tins suitable for standard loaf sizes as well as tins for professionals.

Eva Solo baking tins sport a classic design. They’re rectangular, with top edges for better ergonomics and safer baking. Made of aluminium to maximise durability and reduce the weight, these tins are a neutral shade of grey. Some variants have a decorative finish on the outside, while others have a embossed logo.


There’s a certain charm about loose loaves and rolls, but using a baking tin is quicker. Non-stick Slip-Let ® baking tins shorten the baking time and the result is a perfectly shaped loaf or cake every time. When baking and cleaning up are this easy, you’ll feel the urge to bake more often!


PFOA is a chemical commonly used in the manufacture of non-stick coatings for bread tins and frying pans. It’s popularly known as Teflon, and there are indications that it may have some adverse health effects, including on reproductive health. Eva Solo bread and cake tins are free of this chemical. That’s good news, both for your health and for the environment.