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Wine carafes

A beautiful wine carafe makes serving white wine or red wine much nicer. Instead of putting a wine box on the table, you can elegantly serve the wine out of a carafe and create a completely different atmosphere around the dinner table. Another advantage is that a wine carafe enhances the aromas, flavours and fragrance of the wine.

Wine carafes are popular with people who want an easy way to make a good wine even more enjoyable. Elegant and functional, wine carafes are an indispensable item for wine lovers. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to experience the benefits of wine carafes.


A decanting carafe for aerating wine is a good investment. Every glass of wine will taste better, and it will make each occasion for serving wine that little bit more elegant and special.

Eva Solo’s glass wine carafes are beautifully designed and mouth-blown. The stainless steel and plastic details that complement the delightful carafe and add extra functionality are designed to harmonise with the carafe as a whole. The result is a stylish carafe that’s both practical and ergonomic. The stable grip around the neck makes the carafe easy to pour from even when it’s full.

You can use Eva Solo wine carafes to aerate and serve white or red wine. For white wine, use the accompanying cooling element to keep the wine at the right temperature for several hours. Eva Solo wine carafes have a capacity of 75 cl, which corresponds to a bottle of wine.


It can take time to let wine breathe. Many people appreciate the aerating ritual, but just as many prefer to get the process over with as quickly as possible.

Eva Solo’s wine carafes have an integrated funnel with lots of little perforations that are effective in providing a lot of oxygenation when the wine flows out through the holes. The aeration is gentle to avoid over-exposure to the oxygen. To aerate the wine in the carafe you just need to pour the wine into the carafe directly from the bottle.

The funnel integrated into the carafe also helps to separate any sedimentation from certain red wines. This major advantage is difficult to achieve with other types of wine carafe, or manual decantation.


Red wine almost always benefits from being aerated before serving. The difference between an aerated and non-aerated wine is noticeable, even to a novice. Decantation causes the wine to come in contact with oxygen, so more aroma is released and the taste becomes softer. However, the benefits of aeration may vary depending on the nature of the wine. Wine is not an exact science, of course; what really counts is personal preference.

For white wines, decanting does not have the same effect. However, aerating some of the more exclusive wines is a good idea to bring out what’s really special about it. For white wine, it is more important to keep it at the right temperature. An Eva Solo wine carafe for white wine with a cooling element lets you do this even if it’s hot at the dinner table or out on the balcony. You can safely store the cooling element in the freezer so it’s ready for action at a moment’s notice.