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Find the best frying pan

Eva Solo and Eva Trio frying pans are high-quality cookware with a focus on design and functionality. Here you can find a wide range of different frying pans, sauté pans and grill pans from Eva Trio and Eva Solo.

The pans are suitable for all cookers – including induction.

Flipping pancakes, sizzling stir-fries or just simple fried eggs, sunny-side-down. Without a frying pan, your kitchen is incomplete. Here at Eva Solo, we believe that pans of all kinds should be of the highest quality. After all, this is an essential kitchen tool that you’ll use every day.

👉 Selection of different sized pans from 20cm to 30cm.
👉 Range of non-stick and traditional coatings for easy cooking.
👉 Stylish designs with stainless steel, painted and copper exteriors.
👉 Comfortable, ergonomic handles made from stainless steel or wood for ease of use.

The frying pan is such an indispensable tool in the kitchen that its quality counts for everything. Without quality tools, how can you expect to cook quality food? A good frying pan is a broad concept – it’s all about the features you need as you go about cooking with enthusiasm.

Are you into a classic stainless-steel pan, or maybe a frying pan with good non-stick coating? You’ll find both – and something else in between – in the Eva Trio range. The common features of the Eva Trio frying pans are their high quality and strong focus on design and function. Consider what features you appreciate in your cookware and choose the right frying pan for your kitchen.


The Eva Trio frying pans are available, as already mentioned, both with and without a non-stick coating. This prevents food from sticking, and at the same time allows you to use a minimum of fat. A good non-stick coating saves you a lot of work cleaning up after cooking. Slip-Let ®, which is the coating used on the pans, is a registered trade mark of Eva Solo. In normal use, an Eva Trio frying pan with non-stick coating has an expected service life of approximately four years before it wears out.

Read more about the Eva Solo spatulas so you can find the right one for you, whether it’s for flipping pancakes or turning big steaks.


Eva Trio frying pans come as classic non-stick or ceramic non-stick versions, or entirely without a non-stick coating. A frying pan without a coating requires a knowledgeable hand, as you won’t get the sort of help a non-stick coating provides. On the other hand, a classic steel pan won’t wear out.

It's a timeless cooking tool. Despite the classic steel pan requiring more cleanup after cooking due to oils and fats that you’ll need to use, it’s very easy to simply pop it in the dishwasher!

The advantage of choosing a frying pan with classic non-stick coating is that it’s much easier to cook food that tends to stick – such as an omelette, or fish. The non-stick coating has a limited service life and, if used on too high a heat, may burn off. However, if you choose an Eva Trio with a ceramic coating, you needn’t worry. This coating can withstand temperatures all the way up to 400°C, so it’s excellent for cooking food that requires high temperatures.

Ceramic pans are also better for the environment with no non-stick coating! You may have heard that ceramic pans take longer to heat up – this is simply not true. The Eva Trio stainless steel ceramic coated frying pan is skilfully crafted with an aluminium core. This means the pan heats up quickly and evenly, which is essential for even cooking.


Do you want to be absolutely sure you’re in control of the temperature while you cook? Choose the Eva Trio frying pan with Induction Heat Control! As the name implies, this makes it easier to control the heat, but only when cooking on an induction cooker, as the name also suggests.

The special steel alloy of the frying pan bottom ensures that the bottom of the pan does not reach temperatures exceeding 230°C. Armed with an induction Heat Control frying pan, you can wave goodbye to burnt food and retain that non-stick coating for longer. Any questions or comments about any of the products? You are always welcome to contact Customer Service.


Our frying pans make cooking effortless again, with a range of non-stick and traditional styles available. Whether you’re a practiced chef or just want to put the fun back into mid-week cooking again, our pans are exactly what you need.

High quality cookware gives you the freedom to try new dishes and cook with new ingredients. No matter how adventurous you get with your cooking, our pans will ensure that your food never sticks to the bottom!

With fast delivery and easy returns, why not stock up your kitchen with the entire range? Shop Eva Solo cooking accessories and Eva Trio pans now.