Legio Nova:
The new classic

Timeless quality

Ole Palsby, the esteemed designer, often pondered the prevalence of floral designs on porcelain dinnerware. He believed that food, in its essence, should be the star, free from ornate distractions. This led to the creation of Eva Trio Legio, a dinnerware set that, with its stark simplicity, distinguished itself amidst a sea of colorful counterparts.

In 1999, Eva Trio introduced a porcelain dinnerware set that redefined the Danish perception of dinnerware. Named Legio, its pure minimalism and understated elegance challenged the traditions of the time. In an era dominated by floral motifs and bold colours, Legio offered a stylish contrast. Simple, classic, and uncoloured, it didn't overshadow but highlighted the beauty of food.

Ole Palsby (1935-2010), the visionary behind Legio, was a staunch advocate of Danish functionalism. He often pondered why a meal should be served on a plate resembling a flower bed. To Palsby, a meal, being an art form, merited a neutral canvas.

"When a meal is crafted with passion, it's a sensory delight that should be showcased in all its glory. The vibrant colours, tantalizing aromas, and unique textures of food shouldn't be concealed by unnecessary decorations. It's the food that should be highlighted," Palsby once remarked.

Guided by this philosophy, Legio was stripped of all non-essentials, resulting in its iconic simplicity. Its timeless design seamlessly blended into diverse settings, making it a favourite for both daily meals and special occasions.

But Legio was more than just aesthetics. It represented a holistic concept, an extension of the Eva Trio pot and pan series, another collaboration with Palsby. Designed for versatility, a single saucer could accommodate both a teacup and a coffee cup. Plates could double as lids or trivets for Eva Trio pots and pans, allowing for more functionality with fewer items.

The Legio collection was also practical. Each piece was oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe, transitioning effortlessly from freezer to grill. By the early 2000s, Legio had become one of Denmark's top-selling ranges; today, there are more than a million of the simple white plates in Danish homes. Its design excellence was further acknowledged with the prestigious German Red Dot award in 2000.

An updated classic

Come 2015, Legio evolved into Legio Nova. While preserving the original's essence, Legio Nova introduced subtle, elegant grooves, adding a contemporary touch without compromising its minimalist charm.

Today, the Legio Nova collection spans plates, bowls, glasses, serving dishes, mugs, and decorative items. This year, a series of refined wine glasses was added, complementing the existing range. With Legio Nova, one can curate a complete table setting, including candle holders and flower vases. Each piece meets Eva Trio's exacting quality standards and comes with a 10-year warranty. Any damage during regular use warrants a hassle-free replacement.

For a testament to Legio Nova’s quality, the endorsement from the Danish national culinary team speaks volumes. They´ve tested it and given their stamp of approval. Moreover, numerous food enthusiasts swear by Legio Nova, whether they're cooking in the air fryer for everyday use or setting a beautiful dinner table for special occasions. There are plenty of them; over five million pieces from the Legio Nova collection have been sold.

Eva Trio and Ole Palsby consistently aimed to craft everyday products that are beautiful, durable, and accessible. Legio Nova embodies this ethos. Its quality, versatility, and timeless design offer unmatched value, ensuring years of elegance at the dining table.

Legio and Legio Nova stand as symbols of purity and simplicity. Designed with a vision of effortless serving and genuine presentation, each piece elevates the dining experience, centering attention on the meal's true star: the delectable food that unites us.

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