A modern family-time table

In former times,”Taffel” was the Germanic word for an aristocratic banquet. Today, it is the dining table where the modern family comes together.


The Taffel table, designed by Thomas Pedersen, has a sturdy, utilitarian aspect, yet still appears to be almost floating with its neat, sleek lines. The plywood table top is covered with linoleum, an organic natural material that is as appealing as it is practical.

“This table is designed to be used, so the materials were chosen for their durability to ensure that the surfaces can withstand everyday use. The exposed plywood edge gives it a utilitarian, industrial look, which perfectly complements the Dosina chair,” Pedersen explains.

With its width of 90 cm, Taffel is slightly narrower than the majority of dining tables. This gives the table a lightweight, contemporary look, making it ideal for small homes where it can serve multiple practical, space-saving purposes, including as a desk/dining table. Taffel has integral extension leaves that pull out smoothly for additional table space.

The Taffel designers explain: “We designed Taffel as a versatile dining table, ideally suited to small apartments where the dining table is focal for the living space, at a generally affordable price.”

Taffel’s honest construction is inspired by the durable school desks and workbenches of the 60s and 70s. The table is flat-packable and assembles easily, and the extendibility allows for extra space to accommodate guests or a larger work surface. The extension leaves stow discreetly under the table top and pull out as part of the mechanism. The extension leaves are designed with functionality in mind, but also add a decorative detail to the table.

About Thomas Pedersen

Thomas Pedersen is a trained architect from Aarhus School of Architecture, and since he qualified in 2002 he has run SPARK by Thomas Pedersen. The design studio strives to create product and furniture designs that combine ergonomics with aesthetics and sustainability, as manifested in designs that combine the Danish love of simplicity and lasting materials with a modern look where nothing is left to chance.

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