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Pizza with potatoes


200 g. Tipo 00 flour
50 g. durum flour
2 g. fresh yeast
20 g. leaven (sour dough)
115 ml. water
10 g. fine salt

2 tablespoons Mascapone
2 small potatoes
A sprinkle of good quality truffle oil
10 slices of good quality dried ham
Salt and pepper

10 g. black truffle
Some bitter mixed salad


Mix the flour, sour dough, salt, yeast and water together to make a soft, elastic dough. Let it stand for an hour. It won’t rise much but the dough will be easier to roll out. The dough should be rolled thin. Spread a little mascarpone on the dough and cover it with a layer of thin slices of bak- ing potato. Lay them like tiles on a roof and add the thinly sliced ham.

Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with truffle oil. Bake on a pre-heated baking stone at a minimum heat of 315C for about ten minutes. Cut the bitter salad leaves into smaller pieces and marinade in oil, lemon, salt and pepper. When the pizza is finished, take it out and garnish with crunchy salad leaves and grated truffle.

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