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Grilled strawberry ice cream


Grilled strawberry ice cream
1 kg strawberries
200 g of glucose
300 g of sugar
2 sheets of gelatine

Sweet biscuits
2 eggs
150 g of sugar
150 g marcipan
75 g melted butter
250 g flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
10 g of salt


Strawberry ice cream

The strawberries are put on skewers and grilled on all surfaces. Afterwards, place them in a pot with sugar and glucose. Add water until it covers the strawberries. Cook it mildly, blended and sieve.

The soaked sheets of gelatine is stirred into the mass. Put the entire mass into an ice machine or in the freezer.

Sweet biscuits

Eggs and sugar are whipped airy. Crumble marcipan into the mass and whip it again. Add melted butter and flour in the mass, along with baking soda and salt. Cool the dough for an hour.

Roll fingers-thick sausages of the dough and cut them into pieces of approx. 1.5 cm, and shape them into small balls. Preheat grill to approx. 200 degrees. Note that it is important to maintain a uniform temperature during baking, so it may help turn off the grill once in a while. The biscuits are finished when they have a golden, crisp surface and a soft core.

For serving, the biscuits are broken into smaller pieces and arranged with the seasons berries. Finally, the strawberry ice cream is served in the middle of the dish.

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