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Eva Trio x Frederik Bille Brahe

Summer rituals with
Frederik Bille Brahe

Frederik Bille Brahe guider os gennem det, der skal til for at lave et dejligt sommerbord med grønne retter og tilbehør. Han fortæller os om de råvarer, han bruger, om smagene, tilberedelsen af retterne, redskaberne, inspirationen og om, hvad præsentationen, anretningen og borddækningen betyder for den samlede oplevelse. Alle retter er smukke retter, som enhver kan lave.

Frederik Bille Brahe is a renowned chef and celebrated Copenhagen tastemaker, but he is also a family man: father of two and husband to Caroline.

Mussel, mint parsley and green pea pasta

This one is a bit of a classic, but with turbocharged summer ingredients: fresh green peas, mint and parsley for added colour and texture. The perfect pasta for a balmy evening.

"There is an old saying that tells us that a family that eats together stays together."

- Frederik Bille Brahe

Artichokes with tahini and pickled lemon dressing

There is nothing quite as marvellous as sitting down together on a summer evening for a meal of artichokes, where you get to use your hands and really feel the food. Here, the refined green beauties are given a tart contrast and some Middle Eastern vibes.

"My gastronomical approach is about preparing vegetables, such that you don’t even think about where the meat is."

- Frederik Bille Brahe

Green and purple asparagus with wild garlic and salsa verde

Asparagus are a herald of summer. Here, they are accompanied by a cold sauce with lots of herbs and wild garlic. An easy dish that’s a real ray of sunshine.

It is wonderful to be able to work with these Eva Trio pots. They make cooking fun.

- Frederik Bille Brahe

Whipped butter

Butter is great. Especially when it’s homemade. Enjoy on a hearty piece of bread – either on its own or as an add-on for your summer cooking.

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