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Grilled oyster

In juniper with mornay sauce


4 oysters

Branches with juniper berries

50 g butter

100 g flour

400 g of milk



Mornay sauce

Must be cooked first. The butter is melted and the flour is stirred in. Add the milk little by little while stirring. The cheese is added and stirred until it is melted. If necessary, sieve the whole mass for lumps.


Surround the oysters with juniper branches on a preheated grill, indirect heat, so that the branches are not placed over open fire. The branches will give an aromatic and light-smoked taste to the oysters when they open onto the grill. The temperature should be about 200-250 degrees while the lid is closed. The oysters are taken off when they have opened and loosened from the muscle. Add the sauce to the edge of each oyster and put them back on the grill until the surface is gratinated.

What you need

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