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Eva Trio x Frederik Bille Brahe

Summer rituals with Frederik Bille Brahe

Frederik Bille Brahe guides us through a selection of gorgeous summer recipes for a table brimming with green dishes and delicious sides, explaining his raw ingredient choices, flavours, preparation, tools and inspirations – as well as what presentation, plating and table laying brings to the overall experience. Beautiful and tasty, these are dishes that can be prepared by anyone. 

Frederik Bille Brahe is a renowned chef and celebrated Copenhagen tastemaker, but he is also a family man: father of two and husband to Caroline.

Mussel, mint parsley and green pea pasta

This one is a bit of a classic, but with turbocharged summer ingredients: fresh green peas, mint and parsley for added colour and texture. The perfect pasta for a balmy evening.

"There is an old saying that tells us that a family that eats together stays together."

- Frederik Bille Brahe

Artichokes with tahini and pickled lemon dressing

There is nothing quite as marvellous as sitting down together on a summer evening for a meal of artichokes, where you get to use your hands and really feel the food. Here, the refined green beauties are given a tart contrast and some Middle Eastern vibes.

"My gastronomical approach is about preparing vegetables, such that you don’t even think about where the meat is."

- Frederik Bille Brahe

Green and purple asparagus with wild garlic and salsa verde

Asparagus are a herald of summer. Here, they are accompanied by a cold sauce with lots of herbs and wild garlic. An easy dish that’s a real ray of sunshine.

It is wonderful to be able to work with these Eva Trio pots. They make cooking fun.

- Frederik Bille Brahe

Whipped butter

Butter is great. Especially when it’s homemade. Enjoy on a hearty piece of bread – either on its own or as an add-on for your summer cooking.

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