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A specific glass for each wine

When you buy Eva Solo wine glasses you get unique glasses, as no two are alike. All Eva Solo wine glasses are mouth-blown, which means the stem and bowl are drawn out as one. Despite its slanting edge, the drinking rim of the wine glasses is slender and elegant, allowing you to drink from all sides.

In collaboration with wine connoisseurs, the bowls of the Eva Solo red wine and Eva Solo white glasses are designed on the basis of the various grape rootstocks so they fulfil the requirements of the respective taste groups.

Eva Solo catalyzer

Now your wine can breathe and mature while you pour. Catalyzer is a brand new and unique way of pouring wine, that brings out the wine’s flavours and bouquet while suppressing the tannin.

Elargir la gamme

Supplér med flere glas med den ikoniske skrå kant