Box Gas Grill - DE/AU - Black

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Perfect for smaller balconies and terraces
Large cooking surface with two individual burners
Legs, side table and cover available as optional accessories
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Color Black
Cleaning Always check that the grill is cold before cleaning it. Wash the grill with hot water and a mild detergent. Then rinse well with clean water and wipe dry. Remember to clean the grill thoroughly at regular intervals, and use a grill brush to clean the grid after use.The surface of the grill is prone to damage if sharp implements or abrasive cleaning agents are used to clean it. If you want to clean all the parts, the grill can be dismantled as shown under the sections on assembly and annual cleaning of the burners.The gas grill is supplied with a stainless steel grid, which must be cleaned after use. For this you can use a grill brush with stainless steel bristles.The grid and heat shield will gradually become darker as they are exposed to heat. Such darkening cannot be cleaned off, but any food residues can be removed using grill brush. Please note that a grill brush with steel bristles will damage the surface of the heat shield, which will then be more likely to rust.For a particularly thorough clean, a mixture of soft soap and household ammonia can be applied to the grid, the flame tamers and loose parts. Place the parts in a sealed plastic bag for several hours, preferably overnight. Then remove them from the bag and clean according to the normal procedure.The burners may gradually become clogged up. Clean the burners regularly when they are cold using a stiff brush, and check that the holes in the tubes are not blocked.See further in the inbox folder.
Material Powder-coated steel,Stainless steel
Lid included Yes
Height 34
Width 40
Depth 60
Weight 12.65
Designer Tools Design
Brand Eva Solo
Series Box
Number 571503
EAN 5706631179485


A compact gas grill, which is still more than big enough for culinary creativity thanks to its large surface, with a grid and two manually operated burners with the option of both direct and indirect heat.

The lid is high and roomy with plenty of space for barbecuing large joints or a whole chicken. When the grill is not in use, it is easy to move using the handles on the sides.

Made of powder-coated steel and with stainless steel legs and handles.

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