Blowing glass by hand is very time-consuming, and is a technique which is used in particular for fine wineglasses, glass art and crystal, as mouth-blown glass has an attractive finish. Producing a mouth-blown wineglass with a stem and foot involves up to 16 different stages, and everything is handmade. Due to this manufacturing process, you will often find that the glasses are not exactly alike. There may be slight differences in height, in glass thickness and in the diameter of the bowl. The Eva Solo wineglasses are mouth-blown, so there are no edges in the transition between the stem and the bowl. This ensures that each wineglass is a beautiful and exclusive product.


The shape of the wineglass is not unimportant when you drink a glass of wine, as the shape needs to match your chosen wine. The shape of the glass determines how the wine’s aromas are placed in the mouth in order to enjoy the wine to the full.The Eva Solo wineglass series comprises three red wine glasses, two white wine glasses, a glass for port wine, a champagne glass as well as a tumbler for water. Each glass is suitable for a specific type of wine, ensuring that you can enjoy all your wines to the full.


All the grape varieties in the world originally stem from a limited number of European varieties. Wine can be divided into various ‘taste groups’ which transcend national borders. In collaboration with wine connoisseurs, the bowls of the Eva Solo wineglasses are designed on the basis of the various grape rootstocks so they fulfil the requirements of the respective taste groups. For example, some wines need aerating, while others don’t, some benefit from being swirled, and some wines have an ideal pouring volume.

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