Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than ordinary glass. If the glass does break, it shatters into tiny, harmless pieces unlike standard glass, which always produces very sharp edges. Tempered glass withstands high temperatures, and is not nearly as sensitive to heat as ordinary non-tempered glass. Our series of tumblers and faceted glassware can thus be used for liquids as hot as 130°C, and are therefore suited for a wide variety of purposes. You can serve cold refreshments and piping hot coffee in the same glass, but you can also use it for hot chocolate, muesli for your brunch table or an ice cream dessert for a large dinner party. The sky is the limit.


The reflective facets of this elegant glass add a touch of style and character to any table, whether for parties or everyday meals. The glass complements all table arrangements, from a rustic to a light and elegant look. The glass is made of tempered glass and withstands both hot and cold drinks up to 130°C. Designed for a wide range of uses, the glass is equally suitable for serving water, coffee, juice, tea or smoothies. The glass is also perfect for serving long drinks such as a whisky and soda.


If you are already collecting our beautiful wineglasses with angled rims, then our tumbler with the iconic angled rim can provide the final touch to your dinner party table arrangements.